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Oct 29, 2002
Downtown Hamilton
Mostly avoid listening to EMS calls these days, but in July I started to hear some of the new radios being tested particularly on Mississauga CACC, Halton EMS.

So about a month later I've noticed that pretty much all of the Halton EMS have the new radios, maybe a few in Peel but I don't get a chance to listen to Peel often. If anyone is willing maybe we can share information as the new radios come into play.

My tower is Charlton, I'd say that all of the HSD OPP have the new radios. Not sure about Caledon and 1 Central cars but I heard a 1 Alpha ERU with a new radio. I heard a few MNR radios beginning with 63. I heard a couple of MTOE cars with new radios beginning with 64.

Hamilton City EMS haven't for the most part switched, neither has Niagara CACC. Hamilton Simcoe have switched. Months ago.

The SDS100 is noisy on towers further away, hard to hear Mowat and Britannia.

Anyone wanna share info? Keep it here or DM me.