Home Setup - Simple But Effective

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Jun 7, 2006
Rockwell (Rowan County), NC
Good evening, wait it's 2:04 am, so good morning. Whatever lol.

Here's a shot of what I use while I'm at home. It's nothing spectacular and in no way comes close to defeating some of the other home setups on here but it's effective for what I need. It's on a small table next to my recliner. Pictured and usage are as follows:

* Motorola Maxtrac w/ Desk Mic: Used for 2 meter amateur stuff only
* Radio Shack Pro-163 Scanner: Used for conventional monitoring and testing.
* 4 Portables and use:
- 1 Motorola XTS5000 800 MHz Model 3: Issued to me and used on the Rowan County/City of Salisbury (North Carolina), and NC VIPER P25 systems for my duties with the American Red Cross. (I'm the Disaster Action Team Chief for our county)
- 2 Motorola XTS5000's Model 2: 1 VHF & 1 UHF. The one with the yellow bezel is UHF, the one with the black bezel is VHF. Used for a combination of my duties at Red Cross, Amateur Radio, FRS, GMRS, etc.
- 1 EF Johnson 5100 Model 3 VHF: Back up P25 VHF portable.
** You'll notice a second desk mic sitting on top of the Pro-163. It'll be used on a VHF Highband Motorola Maratrac A7 once I finish building the "cabinet" for it, the Maxtrac, and the 163. Also before someone asks, I'll update this thread with antenna pics hopefully this coming week. At the moment I'm just using a basic VHF 1/4 wave up near the roof line. It works ok for the most part at the moment but it won't be used like that for to long. I'm in the process of building a J Pole for it & once I'm done with that I'll be putting the J Pole up along with a small omnidirectional antenna for the Pro-163. I still have an old antenna mast on the back of the house from a TV antenna that was taken down but I left the mast up with the purpose of what I'm working on now. Thanks for looking and I'll update this as soon as I can with the antenna pics. Any constructive feedback appreciated and welcomed!!!
Not open for further replies.