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Aug 25, 2005
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Hi Folks,
I've had my HP (extreme) for about five weeks now and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!
Recently I've been using the Activity Log advanced option. I've noticed a few data field entries that I'm hoping that someone can clarify what they mean for me;

1) "First OSW"
2) "Patch List Pid:8291 Mid:8211" (all on the same row)

There are also numerous row entries that only contain raw data ie: " 960,0,12480". Do these entries contain meaningful data that can be decoded? Perhaps through Unitruncker?
I also noted that the activity log files become very big, very quickly. My last log file contained about 17min. worth data, and was almost 40,000 rows long! If I remember correctly Sentinel will only import a file with approx. 65,000 rows of data. Is there a work around or some way of capturing a nights worth of data on a particular system in one session? Thanks for any help you can provide



Founders Curmudgen
Database Admin
Jan 5, 2003
West Michigan
1. First Outbound Signal Word. "Like every frequency in a trunking system, each repeater has an input and an output. The subscriber unit (police radio) sends an initial request (called an ISW - Inbound Status Word) on the input to the control channel. The trunking controller then decides the appropriate response and sends its response (called an OSW - Outbound Status Word) on the output to the control channel, which the subscriber unit (and all those on the same talkgroup) respond to, such as switching to a voice channel for a voice call."

2. The Patch ID is 8291, the Main ID is 8211. The two are patched together.

Yes, UniTrunker would display the data in a more organized screen. You probably would see most of the information you want to see from the Current Activity display. Saving the files are not much use unless you are looking at a new trunked system and will only take up space on your microSD card in the HP.
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