I can recommend Hackrf now

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Feb 17, 2020
after weeks a testing, playing and researching problems, i feel good saying it works great with sdrtrunk, better than the newest rtl-sdr dongles.

with the new software fix for extra noise now working and new exterior antenna installed (not even high yet - 10') all is working better than ever.

using 12mhz base band i get the full freq. assigned to our P25 systems here in the metro area. We have 3 major systems. I just wished i had a faster laptop to increase channels, systems and traffic pools.

I keep the graphics displays running by setting the FFT width to 512 and Frame Rate to 14. it helps with CPU load a little. If i disable it I can get additional traffic pools or systems without buffer overruns.

I do keep the antenna gains a little on high side to pickup the weakest system i monitor, so you see some noise, but doesnt hamper the reception at all. I cant explain the higher noise levels at the lower end yet (around 850-851mhz)

Price-wise basic Harckrf is $74 & 10Mhz tcxo crystal $9 shipped out of china (no other accessories needed). Hackrf 25mhz-6ghz

LTE exterior antenna $16 (tested) this antenna is probably nothing more than a tuned PCB inside the plastic, but I have tested and it works great.

Hackrf total $90 (and its a cool toy with accessories and portapack, but not needed for sdrtrunk)

if you purchase 3-4 rtl-sdr V3 youll be paying at least $22 each for them and will need 3 antennas.Total $66 limited to 25mhz~1.7ghz

I did find my Green case v3 for $15 shipped from china. I bought mine on ebay $22 each. The silver (real) rtl-sdr.com version is best to buy and specs.

3 exterior antennas will be at least $30+

rtl-sdr total is $96

New tests of Hackrf below with exterior antenna with 12mhz BB monitoring 2 systems running and total of 6 traffic pools keeping the screen smooth and buffer overruns to zero.


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Jun 16, 2013
What are the limitations of the HackRF One dev board compared to the ready to go version for 4 times more?


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Apr 13, 2014
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A couple of questions:

1. Does the HackRF One work with the default 0.4.0 or do I need to download and recompile sdrtrunk?

2. Does the HackRF One require any firmware updates to use the TCXO?
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