Manual programming SDS100/200

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Oct 18, 2002
Farmington, Connecticut
When inputting a conventional frequency, after its inputted, I like to edit it to have the display show what service it is. That requires scrolling thru the alphabet for each letter. So I start with the first digit of the frequency, a numerical value, and scroll to the alpha portion of the alpha/numeric offerings to enter the first letter of what I want to name it... and repeat the process for the rest of the name. I could shorten the scrolling process if I was able to blank out the frequency and start with a blank screen because it would start with the alphas, not the numericals. I believe there is a way to blank out the screen when in the edit mode of the menu but I can’t find it in the manual. Either I’m blind or it’s not there... maybe it’s not offered? Anyone got the answer for this? I remember it was offered on earlier models.
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