New NYPD Commands

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Aug 29, 2007
Does anyone know if there are new NYPD commands, or if old commands are being called by different names.

I was in the city recently and I saw 2 NYPD Traffic cars with commands I didn't recognize. One said SPEC OPS, the other something unusual like TMH INT or something like that, never saw them before.

Then there is this:
Fatal SUV Accident Outside Bryant Park On Sixth Avenue At 41st Street In NYC On Friday January 17, 2014 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I've never seen an NYPD highway unit maked HWY DIST before. Normally it is HWY #.


Aug 5, 2011
Mid-Hudson Valley, NY
None of the commands you've mentioned are actually new.

Traffic's Special Operations Section (the old Traffic Intelligence Unit, a holdover name from when the brownies were under the Department of Transportation) is the parent command of the:
- Construction Compliance Unit (makes sure companies digging in the street or opening manholes are only closing the lanes their permit allows them to, among other tasks)
- Emergency Response (a pool of Traffic Enforcement Agents available to respond to direct traffic around emergencies, i.e.: multiple alarm fires, etc. - the old DIG, Detour Implementation Group, agents)
- Tactical Operations Patrol Squad (TEAs assigned to pay special attention to targeted areas)
- Highway Emergency Local Patrol (the HELP trucks)

Highway District is the parent command of HWY1, HWY2, HWY3, and HWY5. I'm somewhat surprized you haven't seen one of their cars out and about, but then again their directly assigned staff is quite small.

As to TMH INT...That combination of letters doesn't sound quite right. INT is short for Intersection Control Unit, the parent command of the TEAs that wear those lime green safety vests and direct traffic (Level II agents, as opposed to Level I, the summons writiers, Level III, the tow truck operators, and Level IV, the SOS types).
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