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Not my favorite CB, but...


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Aug 4, 2020
Fort Worth
I’ve only had this AM/FM antenna setup going for 2 days now, but yes, it is much better than the stock wire antenna (which i had pretty good results with honestly). P25 coming in solid, even from another city 28 miles south of me. Standard VHF like County Rescue is crystal clear, and i even heard the Flight for Life helicopter in mid flight amazingly well. No complaints here.

Now you’ve got me thinking about using the 885 in the pickup, again, despite lack of SSB (guess I can carry an extra radio or two under the seat; sorta like antennas: rig for stationary op).

Removed the hood mount I’ve had on there since 2007 to re-mount closer to glass for another AM/FM antenna I’ve had sitting around a few years. Didn’t find an acceptable way to mount on big truck that didn’t involve too much compromise (fleet truck not owned by driver).

I’ll have to drill firewall to install cable gland, but have needed to do that anyway for power, etc. If my AM/FM takes the Motorola antenna connector on back, may just go ahead. And get splitter.

Now to figure out adjustable radio bracket as 885 & L2 not same size. Pickup gets fewer highway miles percentage-wise, and far more Metro in engine run-time.

We don’t appear to discuss it in league with CB use, but commercial AM/FM is an important adjunct to difficult periods on-road.

— I’d rate this factor as very high for vacationers, especially RV’ers where rig dimensions mean travel choices need be made earlier and with fewer alternatives available. (885 thread earlier linked).

I’ve not ever been impressed by the OEM AM/FM antenna. Hopefully the dx-1600 will bump that performance.

Non-NRC radio with KES-5 speaker already installed . . . and this pickup truck rig is starting to take over and design itself (given the propitious timing of this thread; thanks!)

The 885 Project has a green light for future. With program changes plus other, doesn’t make sense not to set it up. Ready to go.

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