Off-duty officer involved in shooting

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Jan 5, 2004
Lo Co VA/ FM19
Just picked up on some incident while listening to an MPD channel (seems to be a 6-D auto theft channel). Something about a car-jacking and shooting. One of the guys mentioned he ought to go back to the radio shop to get more channels.

Incident traffic is on PG Bowie Dist 494.5375
BOLO for 4-5 dark-skinned black males about 18 years old wearing white shirts and blue jeans. Last seen in a newer 4-door black Nissan Maxima. One may have been shot. There is at least one gun in the car.

MPD is talking about it on Tac 2 (21168)

2140- Missed some of the comms but I think it was dispatch being landline with a hospital that had a shooting victim. Units enroute.
On MPD Ch 19664 they just confirmed what I thought. Shot subject at PG Hospital.

2143- PG has one at gunpoint on the Bowie channel. This MPD unit must have a radio or scanner because he's repeating what I hear.

2146- MPD now saying he heard that hospital security is now saying they don't have someone there that is shot.
2152- Now there is a clinic or hospital that has someone with a gun shot to the leg.
2159- They've found the vehicle unoccupied with blood in it.

53rd / Dix St NE is where this all started.
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