OTH Radar?

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Jun 18, 2010
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There is no way to be sure it is the JORN. It is either an OTHR or a sounder, you can't tell from this one recording. You would have to look at how often it dwells to get an idea. Yes the JORN can use a waveform that sounds just like this, so it may well be JORN. However there are several other possibilities also. The US ROTHR has a waveform like this, so does one of the Chinese skywave radars, and there are maybe half a dozen other, unidentified, sources with similar waveforms.

At that time, and that freq, I would say JORN or the Chinese radar (as far as I know no name is assigned) are the two most likely candidates. I would lean towards JORN, but that is going to be unconfirmable.

The sigidwiki is far from complete with regards to radars. But then it would be very difficult to be complete, since so many of them are so underdocumented. You just are not going to find a lot of open source literature on many of them.

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