PRO-82 programming utility


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Jun 11, 2022
I came into an analog PRO-82 scanner and I spent some time today developing a utility to program it, and perhaps other scanners which I understand have identical programming interfaces, like the PRO-64, PRO-76, PRO-79, PRO-89, PRO-2016, PRO-2017 and PRO-2041. You can find it here. It provides a command-line interface that programs the radio with a list of channels from a .csv file you supply. It does not have a graphical interface.

ProLink, originally by glyff and later maintained by antistatic, is an existing free tool for Windows. I would have used it, but I didn't have a Windows box to hand. The new tool, imaginatively called rspro82, should work on any modern platform, so long as you're comfortable installing Python packages.

Shout out to user chasbeau, who made some very helpful comments in a 2010 Radio Reference thread before disappearing from the site.