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Jul 22, 2002
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Recently I've seen a trend towards trying to cram a lot of information into a single article - say 50 or 60kb worth. When that happens, the Mediawiki software issues a warning that some browsers might not be able to read beyond 32kb

While I suspect that's a holdover from old IE versions, it does suggest that there's likely too much data in a single article. There's no rule that says everything has to be on one page. If we did that when the FreeScan user guide was built, it would be a royal pain to update and manage it.

If you find that you have a lot of data to present, consider organizing it so that it encompasses several pages, not just one. You may wish to have a single article as an anchor point that calls everything it needs (the user guide does this), or perhaps one that goes from page to page. There may be times when you need to install some navigation aids so you can go forward or backward in the sequence (not only does the FreeScan user guide have this, so does the Broward county Florida article).

Keeping the articles short, and perhaps even having 1 page per topic, makes future maintenance much easier, and with the right navigation aids, may even make it faster for someone to find exactly what they are looking for without a lot of hassle. Keep in mind you may not be the one doing the maintenance! Every situation is different, and must - and should be - considered on its own merits, and what you are trying to accomplish.

73 Mike
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