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Salem TRS

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Dec 24, 2005
Beaver state
I haven't been hearing Keizer PD on Salem TRS system when i go north. Have they moved to tower B and is Salem Fire on tower A or they on tower B also? Also can someone list hear up dated Talkgroups and Freq list RR list needs up dated.

Thank you
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Feb 14, 2002
Gresham, OR
Ah, the poor misguided City of Salem wanna-be SmartZone system.

"A" tower and "B" tower are two completely different systems. Salem finally got their licenses straightened out, but the system is still confusing.

"B" tower (iirc, I haven't been south in a few weeks) is located in the Keizer PD parking lot, and is primarily used by Keizer PD.

"A" tower is primarily used by City of Salem.

Most talkgroups that work on "A" tower also work on "B" tower, but they are not linked.

I will gather the appropriate info and do a database update later today or tomorrow of Salem. It's been on my "todo" list for quite a while.

One thing I do not have is current talkgroup info. Anybody that has anything that differs from what's listed please send a submission in through the submission system.
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