Sony Interactive - Playa Vista


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Apr 9, 2003
Van Alstyne, TX
I'm finally clearing the last of my logs from my recent trip (and having submitted a few findings), and one that was on my radar was Sony Interactive's system in Playa Vista (and other locations yet to be documented in the state).

The reason this system caught my attention is that it is unusual for a Connect Plus to not have a System ID (about a year ago I did a major update in the WIKI to the nationwide list of systems for DSDPlus, so missing System ID's got my attention). While I was in town, I had a brief amount of time to stop in that area to try and collect the missing information, but not enough information was obtained to fill in what I need for submission.

The frequency 463.4 that is in this system's record was silent for the 30 minutes I set across the street from "The Reserve" on West Jefferson Blvd, but I was picking up a Capacity+ beacon on 461.4125 - which is listed at their office in "Playa District" across from HHLA on Center Drive. That is what needs some sleuthing and validation.

If my discovery is correct, here's what the system should be:

DMR Motorola Capacity Plus Multi Site (TRBO)
Site 3 is Playa District, 463.4125, Color Code 5
Site 3 lists 4 neighbors, Sites 1, 2, 4 and 5.
Site 4 might still be The Reserve.

Likewise, the license shows 2 locations in San Diego, and another 2 in the Bay Area, which might represent the remaining sites.

Here's the snippet of logs from DSDPlus (ignore Timestamps, they're 2 Hours ahead of local time):
2024/03/10 17:28:10 Freq=461.412500 Current site: 3
2024/03/10 17:28:21 Freq=461.412500 DCC=5 ARS; Tgt=65530 Src=3014
2024/03/10 17:29:06 Freq=461.412500 DCC=5 3 neighbor: Site 1
2024/03/10 17:29:06 Freq=461.412500 DCC=5 3 neighbor: Site 2
2024/03/10 17:29:06 Freq=461.412500 DCC=5 3 neighbor: Site 4
2024/03/10 17:29:06 Freq=461.412500 DCC=5 3 neighbor: Site 5

And here's the link to the license:

Happy hunting!