Two Complete Setups For $60 - $130

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Oct 11, 2011
I'm still a newbie to SDR but figured I'd post these two setups for anyone looking to get into SDR and not sure what exactly they need. I know I was confused as to what parts to buy for the proper setup so figured this might help someone buy the proper parts to start their adventure into SDR. I have both of these setups and they work GREAT!!!

If your trying to listen to local frequencies that are not too far away, for example local PD or PD/FD in a neighboring city you can get away with this setup... (Make sure you get the one with BNC connection)

$65 for everything. Works GREAT!

I'm using the above setup to host this live feed: The city is located about 10-15 miles away from me.

For the ultimate setup around $100 and the ability to pickup frequencies FAR away go with this setup...

$40 - 14' Stack Strap Chimney Mount Kit

$25 - NooElec Brand RTL-SDR,

$6 - MCX Male to F Female Video Adapter


Optional: 50' Extension Cable $9

Optional: F-Female to F-Female adapter (Only needed if extension cable used) $6

$130 for everything, easily sets up in 20 mins and has absolutely GREAT reception for long distance signals.

Hope this helps someone!
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