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Jan 30, 2014
I’ve been watching the recent fire thread and previous threads on scanning the fire service in Volusia County, reviewing my notes and doing a bit of online research. I have discovered that Fire Service communications are dynamic and constantly evolving on the VCSO communications system. All TGs have been heard and confirmed by me during 2013/14

To the best of my knowledge the following is current and accurate as of today. All Fire Departments and EVAC are dispatched and all TAC TGs are monitored and assigned by The VCSO Comm Center (Central).

Radio protocol is the units are dispatched on FIRE 1 or FIRE 2. The dispatcher assigns a TAC channel during dispatch. All further comms between the unit(s) and between the unit(s) and Central are made using the TAC channel.

There are some Talk Around TGs that are in use but they are not monitored by Central. (I have no further info re Talk Around. (Maybe some of you can fill in those blanks.)

FIRE 1 and Fire 2 (TG 02-041 and 02-042) are dispatch for East and West respectively

TAC 3 and TAC 16 (TG 02-043 and 06-106) are intended for use by Eastside and Westside units respectively while they are “In Service” in their first due area. However, I have not heard any traffic on either TG for a long while, maybe a year or more. Fire units going “In Service” announce that on FIRE 1 or FIRE 2.

TAC 4 (TG 02-044) is the Eastside tactical channel for single Fire unit and/or EVAC calls. Some examples: fire service call for a child locked in vehicle, medical call, traffic collision with mild or no injury, etc. Note that it is NOT unusual to have 2 or 3 incidents active on TAC 4 simultaneously. TAC 17 (06-110) on the Westside is similar.

TAC 5 (TG 02-045) is used the same as TAC 4 when Central determines a clear TG is needed if 4 is in use. TAC 18 (02-155) on the Westside is similar.

TAC 6 (TG 02-046) and TAC 7 (TG 02-047) Eastside and TAC 19 (TG 02-156) and TAC 20 (TG 02-157) Westside are addition TGs for single unit TAC comms. These are used very rarely.

TAC 8 (TG 02-050) is the Eastside multi Fire unit tactical channel. It is assigned for calls where 2 or more fire units are dispatched and usually includes at least 1 EVAC unit. Some examples: traffic collision involving 2 or more vehicles or rollover, structure fire, large brush fire, etc. This TAC is used for a single incident only. Another TAC will be assigned for a second incident. TAC 21 (TG 13-062) is the Westside tactical channels for this type incident.

TAC 9 (TG 02-051) is unique in that it used for all calls in Station 16’s first due area. And it hard patched to Flagler County Fire TAC 9. It is also used for Brushfire comms where Station 18 Brush units are first due. Note Station 16 is located within Volusia Count, apparatus is owned by Volusia County but Firefighters are members of Flagler County Fire Department.

TAC 10 (TG 02-052) is used for a second incident on the Eastside. TAC 22 (TG 13-063) is the Westside tactical channel for this type incident.

TAC 11, TAC 12, TAC 13, TAC 14 (TGs 02-053, -054, 055, 063) are available for Eastside use for multiple incidents or when a single incident is large enough to require multiple TAC channels. I have heard both TAC 13 and TAC 14 used for training at FSI adjacent to Station 15. These are used very rarely.

TAC 15 (TG 02-064) is used by Fire Police countywide.

TAC 22, TAC 23, TAC24, TAC 25, TAC 26, TAC 27 (TGs 13-063, -064, -077, -066, 09-022,09-023) are available for Westside use like TAC 11 etc. These are used very rarely.

TAC 28 (TG 09-024) is hard patched to Seminole County and used when both counties respond to the same incident.

I assume that there are other TGs used by the fire services in Volusia County, but have not found any. For example, I expect that there is a TG used to communicate with Brevard County Fire. Any of you know it?
Lake County Engine 10 responds to many calls on the Volusia side of the river in Astor> I have heard them patched to both TAC 17 and TAC 21. Does anyone know if there is TG for specifically for Lake County Dispatch?

There are many VCWIDE TGs for multi agency use within Volusia County. Do any of you have accurate in for these?

Anybody have any more info on VC fire comms?

VCFCA is a good internet resource for Volusia County fire buffs.

I have been listening to fire dept comms for over 50 years all over the USA and it still fascinates me. Now it is possible for any of us to monitor almost anywhere in the country. Just google Broadcastify. I hope you all get the same kick as me.


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Feb 2, 2013
Ormond Beach FL
I was one that commented on the Fire TG's listed in the RR database.

What you just posted I agree are correct and in use, my post never brought those into question.

What my problem is the Daytona Beach City Fire talkgroups. These are the 11-04x that are posted at Volusia County Public Safety Trunking System, Volusia County, Florida - Scanner Frequencies These tg's have been inactive for years now that DBFD is dispatched on a Volusia County Fire TGs.

I just noticed that a few of the small towns in Volusia County also have inactive TGs listed in the database. Since all the small towns are new dispatched via county several years ago many TGs have been silent for years.
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