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apco p25

  1. gtaman


    I'm starting a thread over the largest trunked systems in the country. I want everyone's input. I believe I may have found the largest but I may be wrong. I found the Louisiana LWIN system has over 67,000 users that's my guess. Anyone with input? ADMINS IF YOU FEEL THIS IS NOT THE...
  2. D

    Winradio G305 APCO trunking problem

    I am experiencing a problem with ATO (Advanced Trunking Option) plugin on Winradio G305e SDR receiver. The ATO and APCO P25 plugins are purchased and installed. The APCO plugin is succesfully decoding conventional transmissions and ATO plugin is working with EDACS, SmartNet and MPT1327...
  3. P


    I just purchased a used pro96 and am trying to program with win96. I imported the data fow Benton County ,WA project 25 (which I monitor with my pro197) but it don't seem to pickup any thing digital. The conventional works fine. I also programmed it exactlly like my pro197 and it don't recieve...
  4. H

    found a new ID on CSP.

    Doesnt seem like anything major but i found a new ID on the CSP P25 system. 1104 is the ID. I hear activity on it every once and awhile but not much. If anyone might know what that goes to im sure myself and others would love to know and it would be much appreciated.
  5. C

    P25 Trunked scanning question

    I have a BCD 396T scanner. I live in Colorado where the fire dept I work for uses the P25 statewide system. I am having trouble getting my head around the correct programming method for this system and my scanner. I have the correct channel trunk ID's and have them programmed. As I...