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  1. M

    BCD536HP: BCD536 WiFi Keeps Dropping

    I have a BCD536 that I have hooked to ProScan to stream. Everything connects fine and works. However randomly the Scanner disappears from being connected. If I power cycle the scanner, it magically starts working again automatically without me having to do anything. Is anyone else having...
  2. GTR8000

    BCDx36HP Sentinel 2.01.00 (adds support for SDS200)

    New version of the BCDx36HP Sentinel that adds support for the new SDS200. https://www.uniden.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/BCDx36HP_Sentinel_Version_2_01_00.zip
  3. gonzalu

    BCDx36HP: Best Way to Use Favorite Lists

    Hello group, I have been struggling with how to best set up my BCD536HP for scanning using Favorite Lists. I feel like I am all over the place and when I think I finally have a system (no pun intended) that works, it turns out to be not so optimal. Currently, I have a few lists of various...
  4. S

    BCD536HP: Replacement antenna suggestions

    I am new to scanners, the BCD536HP being my first. I'm former LEO, and we switched to a digital trunking before I retired. I'd like to be able to pick up those signals, as well as any local military, airport and other dispatch and first responder departments who aren't using trunking systems...
  5. A

    Newbie desperately seeking help

    Hey guys, as the thread title states, I'm dumbfounded when it comes to radio waves, frequencies and the like (helpful reading appreciated). I have a BCD536HP that needs an outdoor antenna. I listen to Police and EMS in Rhea County, Tn on the Tennessee Advanced Communication Network if that...
  6. CaptMike2

    Recomendations BCD536HP or Whistler TRX-2 Desktop OR SDS100

    So I have been saving my money for a while now and finally have enough saved up to purchase a scanner. After reading through this forum and several websites I have narrowed down my selection to 3 possible scanners. What I really need is pro's and con's about each scanner to make a decision...
  7. A

    BCD536HP: Latest serial numbers / HW revisions

    So I finally jumped and got a 536HP due to the NXDN update (Take note, Uniden!) after being a Whistler/GRE person for years and years. Serial number is 7800xxxx. I know that there have bene some problems with early on 3800xxxx units; and I've seen 4800xxxx and 5800xxxx units in the wild. Some...
  8. R

    BCD536HP: Giving custom lists a FL QuickKey

    Hi there! Fairly new to this both this scanner and the software. I have a custom list currently set to scan a certain range of frequencies. Is it possible to give this custom list a favorite list quick key? Or... is it possible to create a favorite list based on frequency range (as opposed to...
  9. J

    OLD but Great Motorola P110

    Hello all, Fairly new to programming radios. Can anyone suggest where to get a cable to program the Motorola Radius P110 series radios? Thanks just need help on getting the frequencies off the Motorola P110 with out using the CC on my scanners but I wanna add the frequencys to my "New...
  10. CQ

    Bcd536hp & trx-2

    I’ve owned the Uniden BCD536HP for almost 3 years, purchased the DMR upgrade and enjoying it ever since. I had the RTC issue and finally decided to send it in for repair; it was at their facility for 8 days to include the Thanksgiving holiday and surprised they accepted it after so long. Thank...
  11. S

    BCD536HP: Fried? or Just call it 'Bootsie'?

    Spent the last two days reading everything I could find relating (some what) to my problem, both in the RR Forum archives and Googling numerous wordings of my problem. No Joy. Item info :Uniden BCD536HP bought from Uniden who shipped it 12/01/2014 SN# 375Z480042xx No outdoor antenna, just...
  12. N1DDC

    ARC536: Feature request

    If this has been requested/brought up before then please accept my apologies ahead of time, I couldn't find any topics when I did a search for it. If I may suggest, to add a feature in the ARC-536 software, similar to Whistler's EZ-Scan with the TRX models, in regards to recordings maybe add...
  13. N1DDC

    BCD536HP: Sentinel Software question

    If this has been requested/brought up before then please accept my apologies ahead of time, I couldn't find any topics when I did a search for it. If I may suggest, to add a feature in the Sentinel software, similar to Whistler's EZ-Scan with the TRX models, in regards to recordings maybe add...
  14. fdnyfish

    Siren app question

    An the siren app be set up to listen from outside your home? Looking for a direct straight answer, with instructions.
  15. K

    new member, but not to scanning

    Hi all, Just purchased a new BCD536 and have loaded my favorite frequencies etc., via Sentinel. All the conventional channels are working fine, but I'm not receiving anything on 2 of the P25 systems I have entered. My suspicion is that I'm overlooking something glaringly obvious. Are there...
  16. K

    Need advice on audio issue on my feed

    I had unplugged the 3.5 connections on both my BCD536HP and my HP Pavilion Tower that had been running the feed since 2011. When I went to plug things in, I was unable to get audio back. I used 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm audio cables and it was put into every 3.5 mm jack available. I did it again...
  17. E

    BCD536HP: Resolved LSM Simulcast issues - BCD536HP

    I've resolved (at least improved a lot) simulcast issues with my BCD536HP on a local P25 phase II system. Items modified: Threshold changed from AUTO 8 to MANUAL 7 ATT (Attenuation) set to ON Antenna Yagi (directional) pointing to a direction where signal didn't fluctuate as often You can hear...
  18. F

    BCD536HP: Driver problem with Windows 7/64

    I just bought a brand new BCD536HD and dowlnloaded the firmware upgrade and pay and install the DMR and Provoice upgrades When I want to connect the BCD to my computer W7/64 I entered in MASS STORAGE mode but the BCD is not seen by the Sentinel software I check Device Manager and see that...
  19. K1IWN

    The Flaky iOS Siren App

    Looking around this website among others to try to troubleshoot the iOS Siren app with the 536. It works once in a while, seamlessly. Other times, I get voice, but a blank display. Other times I get absolutely nothing. The dongle upgrade was done, the right IP for the scanner is loaded, and...
  20. L


    Does the USB cable to connect the bcd536hp have a Regular USB at both ends or is there another required configuration?