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  1. S

    BCD996P2: Need help to clone scanner

    Hello everyone im new to scanner life and i love it. I currently have a trunktracker v BCD996p2 its already programmed and works great. So now i own another one for my other vehicle how can i clone my first scanner to my other scanner? I am not the smartest guy on a computer but i can get by...
  2. K

    Pro-652: clone from 197?

    Got my answer, thanks to TAbirdman.......no more needed...thanks guys!!! I have 3 pro 197s which work fine and 2 106s which will cross-clone with the 197s. I have a chance to pick up a new 652 at a great price...I wonder if it will accept the info from my 197. They LOOK the same from...
  3. SCPD

    How to clone mtx850?

    ok well I have 1 programmed mtx850 and have a cable here that I got off eBay. Cloning Cable for Motorola GP328 340 HT750PTX700 MTX850 My | eBay I need to know the steps on how to use this cable to clone over the info from my programmed radio to my unprogrammed mtx850? Thanks in advanced!!
  4. L

    New user, Model 650

    My boyfriend has given me the Model 650 scanner just now for my early Christmas gift! I am sitting here trying to figure out why it says up to send and Clone.. I did install software.. what next? <s>
  5. M

    Ht1000/MT2000 cloning

    Would it be possible to clone a mt2000 to an ht1000? i have a cloning cable and was wondering
  6. H

    996T --> 996XT Cloning question

    Hello, I have been requested to program a few 996XT scanners at work. They are mounted in vehicles and I don't want to have to pull them out individually to program them. I have access to a 996T that isn't mounted anywhere that I can program. Is it possible to cable clone a 996T and a 996XT...
  7. Terminator23

    Pro 96 + Pro 96 Clone

    RadioReference Community, Quick Question regarding Cloning a Pro 96 to another Pro 96 I've read on a forum here that someone else used a basic stereo to stereo jack. To do this. Is that possible? I don't need a special programming cable or something? ... I have the stereo to stereo one that...
  8. Hoseman292

    Kenwood TK-3101

    Hi, I'm interested in cloning two Kenwood TK-3101 portable radio. I do have a cloning cable but need the procedure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tim
  9. N

    Couldn't make the scanner meeting - does anyone have time to help me?

    I was hoping to get some help at the last meeting but couldn't make it. I live on the east side of St. Paul and was hoping there might be someone who is happy with their scanner setup and lwould let me clone their program and also give me a brief lesson in Win96. I have a handheld RS Pro96 and...