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  1. allandunn

    Cannot Turn On CSV File on TYT MD-2017

    I downloaded the database of users from DM-MARC, edited it down to list users in only nine states,, removed the last column, and added the dummy Nickname column. That CVS file was added to the code plug file, saved,and written to the radio. According to You-Tube videos, the last step should be...
  2. M

    New User - Nationwide data and CHIRP

    I am a new user and frustrated. I just got my subscription specifically so I could use the nationwide database of radioreference to import into CHIRP. The trouble is, when I try to do that, I am limited to using a zipcode. But what I need are the national frequencies so I can get them into...
  3. H

    CS R6 import CSV help

    Hello gentlemen, I picked up an Icom R6 ($100 used from Universal Radio, like new!) and CS R6 software. I took my tk120 CSV file and made the necessary changes so it matched the format of the CSV export from the CSR6 software. Now I have my master CSV file of about 400 frequencies ready to...
  4. w2xq

    CSV improvements in LibreOffice Calc

    LibreOffice -- an freeware alternative to Microsoft Office ($) for Windows, Mac and Linux -- is my favorite office application Home » LibreOffice. Its "Calc" spreadsheet component handles CSV files that various scanner programs make use of. I use the spreadsheet to reorganize data files...
  5. J

    Import CSV Files

    Does Win500 allow you to import csv files in the PSR500? New to this and became a member and I can import the files using the WEB IMPORT but haven't had success saving a file as a csv file and bringing it in the scan list. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. MasterScan40

    Reprograming 197 Question RE: Download CSV frequencies

    Needing to know if it is possible to access the CSV frequencies that are attached to the frequency database info for AR. Win500 only allows a certain pathway to download info from RadioReferene - seeking anyone's helpful knowledge as to how I can download the CSV frequency info too. Please...
  7. FlyByNight

    IC-RX7 CSV File Format & Programming

    Hi Everyone, After a ten year leave of absence from scanners and receivers I have just taken the plunge and bought an RX7. Whilst I am waiting for it to arrive I would like to start organising my frequencies ready for programming. I have a couple of questions that I hope you RX7 owners might be...