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fairfax county

  1. K

    how to import radioreference csv file into G5 pps

    Good evening. First post and new to radioreference. Just picked up a G5 for when I'm off-duty and for situational awareness. I have updated the firmware on the G5, I have installed the PPS software. I paid for a subscription to radioreference. I just can't figure out how to get all the channel...
  2. M

    Fairfax County, Phase II Yet?

    I've noticed that Fairfax County radio traffic has decreased significantly on my 396XT (No Phase II) since December. I still hear some police and fire, but not as much as I used to. Does anyone know what the status of Fairfax shifting to Phase II is? I'm not sure if this is the reason I...
  3. gr8tff

    FFX Co P25 996p2 settings

    Does anyone have any specific tips for fine tuning the 996p2 for the FFX p25 system? LSM is creating some major headaches at the receivers location.
  4. H

    Fairfax Signals

    Hi, any idea what a "Signal One" is for Fairfax County PD and Fire? Fire Department was told to wait to go to the scene until the PD declared the scene safe. thanks.
  5. RonBon

    Fairfax County Police Feed

    The police feed for fairfax county has a new location. Reception is great! It includes all of the dispatch talk groups. If anyone has any comments or recommendations feel free to post. Fairfax County Police Departments Live Scanner Audio Feed
  6. O

    Fairfax Couny Fire Dispatch ??

    I have not heard anything from Fairfax County Fire Dispatch or Fairfax City Police Dispatch in the past week on either my Pro2096 or Pro96. I get all the other talk groups including all the County Police and mobile fire units but not these dispatch channels.. Any ideas or anyone else...
  7. S

    Fairfax County Police Dept

    Since the storm, I have not seen Fairfax County Police Dept online. Can anyone tell me if they know if and when it will be online again? Thanks so much.
  8. G

    Fairfax County, VA Police Dept. Feed

    Something really bad happened to this feed about 3-4 weeks ago. Between calls, there is often very LOUD static, such that it becomes necessary to turn down volume. This is unfortunate because I liked to turn on that feed and leave it. Now I have to actively monitor and be prepared to turn down...
  9. V

    Pro-106 scanning fine, now won't pick up Fairfax

    I have had a Pro-106 for almost 2 years and up until about a week ago was receiving Fairfax County, Virginia fine. Now, I pick up some other programmed agencies but no Fairfax. I completed the scanner updates and reprogrammed it again with PSRedit and still no Fairfax. The system has not...