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  1. nated1992

    Two Tone Detect and Batch file - Alert System

    Hey i have been playing with two tone detect using a batch file to set off station tones when we receive a call. I wrote a short bat script which plays a audio file then when the record time starts the audio is past threw and i figured out how to rout this threw the computer and to our station...
  2. I

    Switching SERIAL to MASS without shut off the scanner?

    Is there a trick to switch or change between SERIAL MODE and MASS STORAGE MODE without shutting off the BCD536HP and then turn on again? I mean using software commands or next updating firmware? Is there a mode to select when you record only one or some TGID, or system, or department. I see...
  3. P

    Grecom PSR-300 - HELP !

    Hi to all. I just picked this scanner up and for the first time I am at absolute zero with programming this radio. I have downloaded a trial of Win97 and PSR-300. I do not have a premimum subscrition and I don't wont to risk purchasing with no understanding of programing to really include the...
  4. C

    Need ACR-433 File for KC metro

    Hello all. My name is Craig and I work for a major cellular carrier here in KC. I do a lot of disaster recovery work and figured having a scanner would be beneficial to the local happenings when disasters occur. I am a newbie, but I have purchased a RadioShack Pro-528 and downloaded ACR-433...
  5. Grog

    Anyone have any BC246T files for Charlotte or VIPER

    Anyone have any BC246T files for Charlotte or VIPER that they can share? I'm looking to play with this thing and would not mind some help since I'm a long time GRE user. There seems to be much more software available now too so be sure to let me know what you use. Either upload the file...