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  1. D

    Lexington Metro PD encryption and Uniden BCD996P2

    Greetings one and all. This is my first post ever on RadioReference and I need some help. Lexington Metro PD and Public Safety has transitioned to the new P25 Phase 1. I bought a new Uniden BCD996P2 scanner in hopes of picking them up, but I'm losing hope because they're encrypted. Is there...
  2. C

    KANKAKEE METRO BUSES on police freqs

    Why has Kankakee Metro bus services taken over the police frequencies? Is this temporary. Any way to find those channels specifically? If I lock them out will I miss police traffic?
  3. D

    Radio issues force police to double-up in patrol cars

    LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police say radio communication problems in the Las Vegas valley's latest officer-involved shooting has forced officers to double-up in patrol units. Radio issues force police to double-up in patrol cars - 8 News NOW
  4. A

    Hennepin County VHF 154.385

    Does anyone know what the deal is with the VHF freq for Henn Co fire pagers? Seems like they stopped broadcasting conventional all together!! Maybe its just me?!?! Sad as I listened to that about every day.
  5. pipes8e

    Cleveland Metro Parks Transmissions

    Have the Cleveland Metro Parks encrypted their transmissions? I'm still figuring out my RS Pro-106, but I'm successfully listening to several other agencies on the Cuyahoga County MARCS system. When scanning, the scanner will indicate there is a transmission on the Metro Parks frequencies...
  6. wlittle

    Codes Used by Rural Metro Ambulance

    Over the weekend I programmed Rural Metro Ambulance into my Pro-94 scanner and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the codes stand for they utilize on a dispatch? For example, they just dispatched a "3 Charlie 1" and, from the description they gave, I figured put that the call was a...