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  1. S

    MTS2000 Tx fine but receives only noise

    Hi all you good guys, I have 5 MTS2000 VHF radios. Before I tried to program them, they worked fine. The problem was that I did not have the license to operate them on those channels. So now I have programmed one frequency in. I have cloned all of them. Now when I turn them on I only hear...
  2. S

    Programming MTS2000 (newbe)

    Hello everyone, We have in our city a small club for HAM operators. The local police department has changed the radio system to tetra now so we have got all the old handheld Motorola MTS2000. None of us has ever played with that kind of radios. Can anyone point me to the right direction...
  3. T

    Motorola Battery Charger

    Hey team, Does anyone know if the ntn7212b charger would charge a XTS battery? Right now its being used for my MTS2000.
  4. M

    mts2000 mic muted on repeaters

    New to the forum, seems there are people here who know what they're about. Here's a conundrum! I have an MTS2000 model H01RDD9PW1BN: flash code 001008-000000-0 (I've attached a .CPG file renamed as .Doc...... so rename back to .CPG (it might work)) ! I have re-programmed mode A with the 8...
  5. fivemotorthree


    I was wondering what model MTS2000 can be programmed on Hawthorne Police Departments channels? I bought an MTS2000 not knowing about the different frequencies and VHF and UHF and such... So what MTS200 can literally just WORK on their system? Example: 15,000-30,000 VHF. ( 2nd post in one day...
  6. B

    Moto MTS2000 on Zetron Radio System

    OK so I know this is a long shot but I am hoping someone has a similar setup or has knowledge of this that could help me out. We have a bunch of Motorola MTS2000 Flashport II handhelds that we use. Each has a 4 digit identifier that is displayed on the Zetron Call History Window after each...
  7. R

    Motorola MTS2000 Flashport Problem

    hello, i have a Motorola MTS2000 Flashport radio, when i turn my radio on, the little green light comes on, runs a self check, then the radio shuts off, it isn't the battery because it works fine on my other radio, any ideas?
  8. wsvjr

    MTS 2000 Question

    This may be the wrong place if so feel free to move it. I have a couple of MTS2000 UHF radios and I was wondering if there is any frequencies they could be programmed to that do not require a FCC license? I realize the answer is probably no but I just want to make sure.
  9. B

    Mts2000 FAIL 01/82 H01KDF9PW1BN VHF Code plug

    I need a good code plug for a MTS2000 VHF Model H01KDF9PW1BN System Package H35, Flash Code:000001-000000-9. Read the codeplug changed it and wrote it back then got the dreaded FAIL 01/82 now nothing works. Ideas or suggestions?
  10. emcomm

    MTS2000 Is this VHF or UHF, thanks in advance

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if this radio is VHF or UHF and is there any way to determine what the band split is via the numbers below: MTS2000 h01ucd6pw1bn 432axn0025z Is there a website where you can plug in these numbers and it will determine if this radio is UHF or VHF ? thanks.
  11. V

    mts200/des/des-xl key loader

    hey everyone i have a couple of motorola mts2000 radios all in working condition i recently installed the des-xl ntn7280 chips in to them i have the t3011cx keyloader ive used it on other radios i know it works but for some reason i cant program the new radios. does any one know if it matters...
  12. K

    Programming costs for MTS2000

    Just bought a used MTS2000 (Model III) in the UHF band. The shop from which I bought it programmed sixteen (16) channels of my choice for me at no charge, but I know I'm gonna need to have more in there soon. As I'm not comfortable with doing my own programming on this thing (I'm used to Icoms...
  13. G

    XTS Speaker Mic

    Just a quick question, will the XTS Speaker mic NMN6247A or NMN6247 fit on the jedi series. Noticed tha it has the same style connector but it doesnt have the same style of locking mechanism for the radio- on the connector side of the XTS radios pretty much matches the side on the Jedi radios...
  14. L

    MTS2000 Headset

    Hello all, I recently purchased some surplus MTS2000 radios to use around the job site. They seem to work great, however I am having a problem getting a headset to work correctly. I purchased one of these: Wire Ear Mic Heavy Duty Large PTT for Motorola HT1000 - eBay (item 390067401828 end time...
  15. B

    MTS2000 mdl III 800 mhz Flash

    I have a MTS2000 mdl III 800 mhz that is currently flashed 200008-000000-8 H260 250 Mode Capability (Models II & III) H38 SMARTZONE Systems Operation I need to have it re-flashed with it's ORIGINAL flash of 200004-000000-2 H260 250 Mode Capability (Models II & III) H37 SMARTNET Systems...