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  1. L

    Peoria County

    I have attempted to enter the talk groups for Peoria City, Peoria County, Bartonville, Chillicothe,and Peoria Heights into a 996P2 several ways, according to what I have read in the database, and I am still unable to hear them. When I switch the radio to "ID search", I can hear units as far...
  2. N

    Tazewell County, IL P25

    I am hearing Tazewell County dispatch on ID:20 on P25. Are they looking at switching over soon? Any date been established on the switch over? Just wondering because I am hearing this on Digital but cannot find any news on it at all. Im sure its in the testing phase if anything. If anyone has a...
  3. N

    Peoria P25 Help BCD536HP Weird Problem

    Hello All, I am having a very strange issue with Peoria ETSB P25. I am hoping someone could help me as I have been everywhere searching for this problem and haven't found a similar issue. I am new to Digital Scanners, just bought a BCD536HP scanner last week. The problem I am having is...
  4. C

    Par-A-Dice Hotel and Casino now using MOTOTRBO

    Was at Erin Feis yesterday in Peoria and found more TRBO in the area than in years past… Par-A-Dice Hotel and Casino is now using MOTOTRBO. I heard these... 461.550 repeater 461.925 repeater 463.525 repeater 464.875 simplex I didn't hear any analog activity on their frequencies. Methodist...
  5. N

    Heavy Metal Jet Team Frequencies

    Anyone know the Heavy Metal Jet Team discreet plane to plane frequencies? I can't find them anywhere
  6. Franksr

    Not Hearing any P25 from Illinois State PD in Peoria area?

    I just bought a PRO-197 and hearing all the local counties, and city PDs. However, I have yet heard any APCO 25 activity. Is it scrambled or do I need to edit or change my settings?