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prograamming help

  1. T

    Tytera Programming talkgroups with a TYT DMR radio

    Here is a picture on all of the information i have about the talk groups i want to program into my TYT-380. For example if i wanted to use the EMS talkgroup how would i do that? I already have the FM frequency for it but i only hear the dispatcher. I want to hear everything. How would i do this?
  2. J

    TRX-1: Scanner won’t pick up anything.

    Last January I bought the Whistler TRX-1 and was excited to get back into scanning, what an absolute letdown it has been. Loaded the software and thought I had everything programmed right but never and I mean never picked up one single radio call. After months of doing every I could think of I...
  3. J

    TRX-1: Programming help.

    This may have been ask before, if so I apologize I’m new. I purchased a Whistler TRX-1 few months ago and as much as I love it, I struggle to get it programmed right. I have the software installed and did all that, and used the zip code thing to program my area but the problem seems to be...
  4. T

    XTS 3000 non affiliate scanning.

    Hey guys I need some help on a question about programming an XTS 3000 radio for scanning. What makes its to where the radio will not affiliate while programming the radio? How many personalities and scan list do I need in order for the radio to not affiliate?
  5. R

    BCD436HP Programming Help

    Asked a few questions on the purchase help threads and finally got a bcd436hp. I selected this model because my area is on APCO 25 phase1. I have the DMR/moto update and have tried importing the RR data to a new favorite list and I am showing it is scanning local channels but I have heard no...
  6. E

    xts 5000 modle 3 trunked programming

    yes when I edited my scan list to add zone 8 channel 1 to scan it will shows it in the scan list after I write the radio but wont work but all the other I put in work for some reason it the only zone 8 and channel 1 also when I am on that zone 8 and channel 1 I can not even put the...
  7. D

    Motorola Advisor II

    I recently got an Advisor II pager and I have no idea on how to program it. I was hoping someone here could help me program it to go off for certain department frequencies/tones. Thanks, Matt
  8. SCPD

    Chattanooga Tennessee P25 system

    I just recently purchased a unified bcd536hp and I used the sentinel software to program the p25 system to my scanner. For some reason whenever I hear a transmission it comes in very patchy sounding and then clears up. It only clears up sometimes. Most transmissions can't even be made out. Any...
  9. C

    Pro-18: No P25 Reception on Pro-18 DSP V1.3

    I have had a Pro-18 for about two years and it had been working fine, or so I thought, anyway. Recently my local law enforcement agency switched from EDACS to P25 and disappeared from the air. I checked the pages here and found out about the conversion, downloaded the latest database, and made...
  10. C

    Help programming Hanover County into a 396XT

    I've tried to program Hanover County in as both P25 and Motorola and had no luck and no signal using either method. It SHOULD be a P25 system. If someone could walk me through manually programming Hanover, I would really appreciate it. Maybe I screwed a setting up by accident but I'm about to...
  11. W

    Can Not Program Vertex VX-451

    Having a problem with the computer recognizing the radio. The software is CE115 1 cable from USB to Radio When I try to upload the radio into the software, it says to turn radio on. When I do it does not recognize it. Ive tried switching the com ports and still nothing. Any help would be...
  12. M

    TK-3180 Programming Password

    I have recently acquired some TK-3180 radios and the are password protected as far as reading/writing the radios. Can someone advise me on how to get past the passwords?
  13. D

    Help with CPS and HT1250

    I purchased a HT1250 and it came with the programming software r06.09.06 and I am lost. I have my data cable drivers installed but it seems as if I dont have everything installed from disk to run the CPS. I am not real computer savoy but I cant figure this out. Also I took the radio to a local...