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  1. S

    Black Hawks frequency?

    Hello, I'm up here in Santa Fe mountains near Pecos and we get Black Hawks from time to time, today we had a flight of three go by, does anyone know where they come from, I'm guessing they are ANG but are they from NM? Any idea what frequency to monitor VHF or HF? Thanks
  2. S

    Eastpointe police

    Why is the eastpointe police station 30 Why is st Clair shores station 60 Why is Roseville station 70? What is 1st , 2nd, and 3rd party caller?
  3. I

    RadioShack Pro-97

    Hello, I am posting this because I am purchasing a RadioShack Pro-97 1000 Channel scanner and I just wanted to know if anyone has it and what their opinion is about it, I also want to know if anyone has any knowledge of it. This is my first scanner, I am new to the scanning world, and I am only...
  4. M

    Scanner Feeding news to Facebook - Coles County, Illinois

    MATTOON — Miles Trueblood and Chris Hanken have turned their hobby of listening the Coles County scanner feed into a community Facebook page with thousands of followers. Twenty-year-old Trueblood, a volunteer with the Lincoln Fire Protection District and Coles County EMA, runs the scanner feed...
  5. I

    Perth Amboy

    Hello, I am just wondering if anyone from here happens to know what happened with the Perth Amboy Police live feed. It was up a few weeks ago then it disappeared. Secondly, not sure if anyone knows if this is true or not but I went to RadioShack to buy a scanner and I was told that I was not...
  6. IBM

    1979 Regency Touch K100 Scanner Review

    The Regency Touch K100 (Model ACT-T-K100) http://www.radiopics.com/Regency/Photos/Regency_Touch%20K100.jpg was manufactured by Regency Electronics Inc. in 1979, its primary audience were the public safety officials that needed a programmable scanner with basic features at an affordable price...
  7. N

    Amateur Radio & Scanners

    Hey all! Henry N2HJS here.. I guess I just wanted to make a post and get some opinions and learn some new things here. I'll start by telling you about myself.. I am 15 years old and I've been a Ham Radio operator for quite a while now with a General License. I've been operating mainly with...
  8. spectr17

    Thin client vs mini tower for scanner feed & home listening

    I've got a new feed up now off my laptop and I'd like to move it to a thin client or mini tower. I'd like to use the computer to also monitor the feed like a base scanner while at home. Which would be the best to use? Does the thin client offer decent speaker audio and I guess there would be no...
  9. J

    Allegan County Sheriff

    Hey guys, I stopped listening to my scanner for a long time and recently decide to turn it on again. My only problem is I don't hear anything on my Allegan County frequencies and groups. I still have 3211 as central but haven't heard a single thing from it. Did they make a change to where we no...