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  1. G

    New to Scanning looking for advice.

    I'm looking to get back into scanning, I currently live in the Chicago Uptown area and was wondering what kind of equipment I might need. I would like to listen to Police/Fire as well as Marine and Air. I'm currently using SDR for police but having a hard time figuring out fire and air and was...
  2. BlueDevil

    Bluetooth Scanner Volume Control

    I finally got my scanner setup with a BLE Volume Control that allows me to wirelessly control the volume of the external speakers hooked up to my scanner. It works like a champ. I also put the scanner on a WiFi Controlled Outlet adapter so that the scanner can be turned off remotely and/or put...
  3. beachbum71

    BCD536HP: uniden BCD536HP scanner

    ive been doing some research about the bcd536hp and iam wondering if that model scanner will pick up the fort worth texas police , from what ive read about the scanner i believe it will , does anybody know for sure if it will indeed be able to scan fort worth tx pd ?
  4. WX9RLT

    Scanner Manufactures Future, Due To Encryption?

    My area went full encrypted few years back. Needless to say, I will NO LONGER be buying anymore scanners. What is the point of buying one, if I can't listen to the stuff I want to listen too??? Many people I know have said the same thing. So this leads to my question: What is the scanner...
  5. A

    Phoenix Area Uniden SDS100 Review

    I just wanted to make a quick initial review of the SDS100. @KR7CQ Did a fantastic write up regarding the SDS100 and it is certainly more in-depth than mine will be. I picked this scanner up from HRO on Friday 12/21/2018 and I was admittedly a bit apprehensive. My current scanner is a BCD996P2...
  6. J

    TRX-1: Scanner won’t pick up anything.

    Last January I bought the Whistler TRX-1 and was excited to get back into scanning, what an absolute letdown it has been. Loaded the software and thought I had everything programmed right but never and I mean never picked up one single radio call. After months of doing every I could think of I...
  7. 2

    Looking for handheld scanner for wireless microphone frequencies (500 MHz to 600 MHz)

    I am looking for a portable/handheld scanner that will lawfully pickup wireless microphone activity in the 500 MHz to 600 MHz frequency range (i.e. something I can take to an event like a Nascar race or a sporting event to be able to hear the commentary from the wireless mics used by the media...
  8. P

    Amateur Kick-starting Guide

    Hello Everyone, I live in Wake County, and I'm pretty new at this whole radio thing. Im an aspiring junior firefighter, and Ive been wanting to listen to wake fire frequencies for a while, but Ive run into a snag. On my current analog scanner (Whistler WS1010) I am unable to listen to some...
  9. A

    live stream Norwich tower UK

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt5k3mEBEEU Rgds Paul
  10. R

    Listening to OKC Police

    I know this sounds like the tipple newbie thing, but what is the cheapest way to be able to listen into police with a mobile scanner? I dont understand all this ProVoice stuff... I have used a boefeng but only for when i worked at walmart. I just want to be able to listen in to dispatch in my...
  11. J

    TRX-1: Programming help.

    This may have been ask before, if so I apologize I’m new. I purchased a Whistler TRX-1 few months ago and as much as I love it, I struggle to get it programmed right. I have the software installed and did all that, and used the zip code thing to program my area but the problem seems to be...
  12. R

    Brockville Police is silent? New system?

    Seems in the past couple weeks Bell (bought out glentel) has been working on a new radio system for the Brockville Police. Anyone have any idea what there using now? I heard them yesterday during the day working on the radios until evening and all of a sudden it's now silent.
  13. S

    Uniden BC80XLT 800 mhz question

    Hello Everyone! Im quite new to scanners but I use a Uniden BC80XLT to scan my county's law enforcement for fun. Its the 800 mhz frequencies and everything was just fine a couple days ago but now before every transmission there is a loud buzzing sound almost like a game show. I've been told...
  14. stantorres

    Scanners/ham radios that power on with ignition?

    What scanners and ham radio's (mobiles) can be vehicle mounted and will turn on when I start the car without me having to manually press the power button?
  15. D

    Charlotte scanner

    I recently found an old scanner i previously ( several years ago) used to monitor the Charlotte trunked radio system. The scanner is a Radio Shack pro-164 scanner. All of the control channels appear to be the same yet I am not hearing any police/fire/ems traffic. I have noticed that it has...
  16. R

    Problems scanning south dakota state radio?

    Good afternoon, I am a new resident to South Dakota and have my scanner programmed up to the South Dakota state radio system. The problem, though, is that I have noticed that I rarely hear my county or highway patrol on it. I've been told that the repeater systems are spotty and best and have a...
  17. S

    BCD436HP: How to know what DCS turn off code to use?

    I want to scan a system i have done in conventional analog. I want to set a DCS code so i can scan the system with the squelch wide open but only still hear the transmissions and no white noise. I have gotten something called “DCS Turn off” in the log a few times, but i wonder how i actually...
  18. w2lie

    Scanner School - A podcast for the Scanner Radio Hobby

    Hi All, Scanner School is a weekly podcast dedicated to the Scanner Radio Hobby. Each week Scanner School takes a scanner related subject and spends about 15 - 20 minutes discussing the ins and outs of that topic - followed by some Q & A. The podcast launched on January 2, 2018 and went...
  19. willstuder

    Digital Trunking Scanner / Dual Band Radio

    Am I the only one who thinks that a dual band (VHF/UHV) handheld combined with a digital trunking scanner like the BCD436HP would be the best invention ever??? I would pay upwards of $800 to $1000 for something with these features and I know it's not out of reach. I was recently looking at the...
  20. K

    Pro-163: Deaf Pro-163?

    My Pro-163 can barely pick up anything. VHF high and 450 anyways. Not sure about other bands. A cable TV amplifier helps but it still not as sensitive as other scanners or transceivers. Is it common for this scanner or is this particular one a dud or damaged? I opened it up and the shielding...