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  1. Danny37

    Motorola USB programming cable

    Some Motorola's radios have a micro-usb port for programming (ex. MEVX-S24) is this just a standard micro USB cable or does it have a chip in it? Prolific etc. Link to the Motorola cable: CB000262A01 - Motorola / Vertex Standard Original Micro USB Programming Cable - ShopWiscomm
  2. mojobreakfast

    GD-77 and Windows 10 USB driver issues.

    I have a GD-77 I bought a year ago and never got around to using. Firmware version of the radio is 2.6.3. So I want to finally program this thing. I plug in the programming cable into my Win 10 PC and the radio, turn the radio on, and in Windows Device Manager the radio shows up as "Unknown USB...
  3. KK4JUG

    USB Tester

    I didn't know where to put this so, what the heck? I put it here. Is there any reasonably- priced USB cable tester out there? Over time, I have accumulated a lot of USB cables: A, B, Mini-B and C. Some of them came with wall warts and are very possibly charge only, with no data capability...
  4. T

    Icom: Icom IC-91a

    I plan on taking my IC-91 out on a backpacking trip with me for emergency communications as I will be doing 60+ miles with just me and my dog. I plan to check in every night and would lik ea way to charge it. I am wondering if anyone has made a charging cable out of a USB cord? If so could you...
  5. K

    BCD996P2: USB not working after PC reboot

    I've got 6 BCD996P2 scanners connected to a PC running separate instances of ProScan to control them remotely at a different location. Whenever the PC reboots, the software launches but fails to connect to the scanners. To fix, I have to physically turn off the 996P2s and turn them back on to...
  6. J

    How to quickly create an OP25 USB boot drive (with persistent storage)

    Hi, Here is a brief summery of the process that I used to create a USB boot drive, based on the excellent GNU Radio live environment, to run op25 (scope.py, etc...). The whole process should take less than 15 minutes, resulting in a bootable GNU Radio environment that is pretested, integrated...
  7. RedBase1

    Newbie return scannee from the 2000

    Hi all, New here and looking forward to chatting and getting know everyone , well as many as possible if you understand. My name is Col , from North East England and currently own UBC 3500XLT with a Skyscan indoor antenna. Would like some advice help with couple of minor problems i have been...
  8. M

    Pro-106 - no connectivity to Win7 Pro -> ARC500 v1.18 B1

    Installed USB driver from the CD with RS cable #20-546 and ARC500 on a Win7 Pro machine and am having no luck gaining connectivity. I bought the scanner & programming disc/cable several years ago. At the time, computer was running WinXP. I licensed ARC500, programmed the Pro-106, and I recall...
  9. S

    BC346XT: usb cable

    I am trying to connect the scanner to my laptop. I have a 9 pin male serial to usb cable that connects to the female cable supplied with the unit. When I try to download files from FreeScan I get a communication error cannot communicate with the scanner. I have used this usb cable to program...
  10. R

    BCD536HP: USB Remote control hangs on power cycle

    Recently I deployed a BCD536HP to a remote location feeding Proscan. the serial connection was on the front USB, after a brief interruption to the USB connection; power loss or USB connection, the scanner hangs in the nag screen to select mass storage or serial. This is unacceptable for...
  11. H

    Freescan talking to BCD996P2, except....

    After much careful research, I took the plunge and invested in a Uniden BCD996P2. Rather impressive bit of hardware, but holy mother of God whoever wrote the manual was a complete sadist. Gave up on manual programming and got set up with Freescan. Got connected via USB (which is hours of hell...
  12. N

    PRO-668 Can't update DSP since USB can't find scanner

    Brand new pro668. Software installed on Win8.1 without a hitch. Followed the instructions for DSP updates by turning off scanner, plugging into USB, telling software to check for update. An error message pops up saying the scanner cannot be found. I CAN see the drive on my computer, though...
  13. N

    HP-2 Serial disconnects solved

    I've had the HP-2 for about 60 days. I've been logging hits using Arc Patrol. The HP-2 developed a habit of disconnecting the serial connection at random. Sometimes hours, sometime minutes after connecting. Other times it would not link up at all and Arc Patrol locked up. Windows always detected...
  14. K

    Earthmate GPS

    Rather than paying $80 to 100 for a new GPS receiver, I am going to try using my Earthmate GPS. My question is this....The Earthmate has a USB connection, but the BCD996XT has a serial port. I am thinking of building a cable to connect the two, with a female serial port and a female USB. Looking...
  15. N

    HP-2: HP-2 loses usb comm with Arc Patrol randomly

    I'm using Arc Patrol to log the HP-2. Arc Patrol loses communication with the HP-2 at random. Arc Patrol will display its default information screen and quits logging. Arc Patrol logs the comm loss like it was a scanner hit. The HP-2 continues scanning and Windows Device Manager show the comm...
  16. N

    BCD396XT: Computer programing

    Is the BCD396XT programmable from a Mac or PC via USB cable like my BCD396T?
  17. W

    BCD996XT: 4-pin Mini-USB Cable & Front Port

    Good evening, all! I recently purchased a used BCD-996XT from eBay, and it came with a 4-pin mini-USB programming cable. (It doesn't appear to be Uniden, and I'm almost positive it's not the USB-1 cable.) Since it came with the scanner, I presume the previous owner was using it. Anyhoo, it...
  18. S

    IC-R5 USB Cable

    I've got an IC-R5 I haven't used in years and I'd like to start using it again. If memory serves my programming cable was a D-Sub cable (I can't find it). I only have Windows 7 PC with USB ports now. Where can I buy a USB cable (or good instructions to make one) that will work with the IC-R5...
  19. R

    BCD996XT: Programming cable

    My motherboard on my desktop does not have any serial ports at all, only USB 2 and USB 3 ports. So I read up that the scanner has a mini USB port on the front and a DB9 connecter that connects to the desktop? I'm at a loss here. So would something like this help me...
  20. U

    Regular TV antenna has my SDR software, It works?

    Hello, I am interest in listening to communications but I would like to have a new more powerful antenna. I think a buy this antenna but you think that this will work if I plug this antenna has my USB? (Digiwave Digital TV Antenna (ANT2084) : Antennae - Future Shop) & I could change the...