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Just a Lean Clean Radio Shack

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Oct 12, 2007
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Scanners behind a desk close together , with the coax going out the same hole to the antenna farm outside.

Seperate speakers on the individual scanners, with the speakers apart so you will know what scanner is being talked on , or label the speakers when you set them apart ( yes, you can get confused ) - TV screen on opposite wall in case of a world event.


Scanners :

Shortwave capable scanner for AM broadcast
A " Cheapie " scanner to listen to local traffic
One scanner to " Search bands " , listen to ajoining municipalitys.
And the one expensive scanner for MILAIR - Satellite - 800 mhz and ect.
The "Bug Out " hand held next to the door of the house.

Unless you are really rich...and have all your radio monitoring , signal catches on the computer :)

Nice setup though.

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