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HP-1: Mixed TDMA/FDMA talkgroup support

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Jun 26, 2001
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Let me get this right out of the way first:

I understand the HP-1 is not able to listen to TDMA talkgroups.

If unlistenable modulation formats such as NXDN, D-Star and talkgroups marked Encrypted are imported, I don't understand why TDMA talkgroups aren't imported?

There's a system near me that supports mixed mode (TDMA/FDMA) talkgroups. I noticed that HomePatrol Sentinel does not import any talkgroups marked as TDMA in the RadioReference Database.

Since these talkgroups flip back and forth between TDMA and FDMA depending on the capabilities that the radios that are affiliated to them have, why are they excluded from Sentinel?

I'll have to create a favourites list and enter them all in by hand for now unless Uniden updates the process that is filtering them out.
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