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ProScan: Separate recording per RID mic key?

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Oct 30, 2004
Houston, TX
When I record a talkgroup and later play it back, I can't see any way to see what RID is talking (not what RID started a conversation [see below] but what RID is making each separate mic keyup). Is there a combination of options and filenames that will replicate the Uniden BCDx36HP's recording functionality? That is, on a channel that has RIDs (e.g., a trunked system), I want to record a new audio file every time a different user keys his mic. If I use the RID in the filename, (1) it doesn't switch the RID in the filename when a new RID keys up, only when the conversation "ends" (times out) (i.e., it only uses the first RID that started a conversation), and (2) it just adds new conversations started by a RID to the end of that RID's file.

Alternatively, I don't see where ProScan stores RIDs (changes or otherwise) inside the MP3 file using metadata (like the BCDx36HPs do). If I could turn that on, at least I could see who said what after the fact.


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