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Strange but good conventional frequency

Mar 19, 2019
I'm referring to 859.437500, which is in the 'Salt Lake City - Murray' department group. With alpha tag of 'Police Regional (linked to UCAN 17760)'. It sure is strong in Saratoga Springs, comes in perfect. And I only started getting stuff on it recently. Just got a Uniden SDS200 about two months ago. This was always in most of my favorites but at first I didn't hear it or at least notice it like I do now. Sure does stand out now!! One thing strange is it doesn't really seem to have anything to do with the city of Murray, possilbly mislabeled? I could be wrong but I don't hear anything that necessarily links it to the city of Murray.

Also get medical traffic on it, not just police. And this morning it seemed to have a conversation going about technical aspects of some electrical circuit. The guy said something about circuit number 4 was not grounded or something like that. It does seems to be a good channel with some interesting stuff on it.

And of course then I was interested in trying out that 17760 talk group, but had to go out of my way to get that into my scanner, had to do a special pull from the national database. That does not seem to be in UCA unless you go out of your way to put it in like I did. The group is 'Utah Regional Interop' ( goes into the UCA trunk system ) and it has about six talk groups, including the 17760 one. But have never heard anything on any of the six TGs yet, not even the 17760 that should be a duplicate of the aforementioned conventional frequency. Anyone in SLC area or Utah county area that knows much about this?


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Dec 11, 2011
Ogden, UT.
Just saw your post. Which leaves me with one question.....could this be a "patch" id from many different agencies? In No Utah we have a couple patches which run most of the time. Davis County has one and then we have a tg which ties traffic from Cache/Box Elder to the Weber Simulcast.