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Unication G5 Performance on Local DMR systems with RAS

Jul 24, 2015
Unication pager owners,

I'm looking into getting a Unication G5. Obviously what I really want is flawless reception of LSM systems, but the Unication is tried and proven in that regard.

What I haven't heard much about is how it performs on DMR systems with RAS. I know it can decode, but how well when compared to Motorola with the proper RAS code? I'm specifically interested in the Pequannock and Kinnelon repeaters.

Thanks in advance!
Feb 1, 2003
Pequannock, NJ
I don't know about the G5 but I should have one to test in near future.
I am using the SDS200 and it decodes Pequannock 100% with latest April 15th firmware. Also decodes Morris County, Wayne, and PSIC fine.
Pequannock has a killer signal from the old TKR tower and Morris is a 13 site LSM simulcast system.

The downside is poor sensitivity with included telescopic antenna. Cannot receive 162.500 WX in Hardyston.

I need to load up the SDS100 with latest firmware and compare.