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Upgrading codeplug ver without radio? CPS MOTOTRBO

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Nov 6, 2018

maybe someone with experience can help me to figure out if its possible(and how), to upgrade codeplug verion beforehand without radio itself?
Im planning to indroduce major change on UHF system at client. System consists of 5 repeaters(DR3000) and aprox 150 radios (mix of DM4400/ DP4801/DP4401).

I have some codeplug copies of radios (and all copies of repeaters), all from 2013-2014ish. From these old copies I have made a codeplug templates for each type of radio. But templates are for example with coeplug verion: 04.00.12(or 04.03.08), I see samples of newest codepluds in CPS are of version 10.xxx.

When I will go on site, Im planning to update FW and codeplugs of each radio. How could I copy my new "template" codeplug settings(ver4) to a codeplug verion10 Template before visiting client ? (have no access to radios itself, only some copies of codeplugs).

Thank you in advance
Nov 6, 2018
ok, thank you for replay.

just thought that after upgrading radio FW, it will be some improvements in audio etc, but if I use quite "old" codeplug, will these improvements happen automatically, or these have to be selected after uploading FW and uploading codeplug?
Sep 8, 2002
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You're going to have to roll out a mandatory firmware update on all radios first. Bring them all up to the same firmware and then roll out the new codeplug.

It requires touching every radio twice but it's far more efficient to do this in two batch processed jobs than it is to try to do it piecemeal.

IF the new codeplug doesn't make any changes that render the old codeplug operationally obsolete, then you can do all the radios in a two stage assembly line process. Tech A does the firmware update, then passes the radio to Tech B to do the codeplug update.

It's absolutely a nightmare to try to roll out an updated codeplug only to discover that some radios are at different firmware revisions than others, or, even worse, some radios haven't been reprogrammed in so long that they were last programmed by obsolete CPS versions.

It should be policy that every system radio gets updates even if its function in the system is one that has no operational requirement for a codeplug update. Such as the radios issued to the road and bridge crews. Their assignments may never change but they need to be kept updated on firmware just like the sheriff's radios do.
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