XPR 6550 LTR Trunking

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Apr 21, 2015
Lakewood, Ca.
Hello RR World,
I've not posted before, and to be honest, I'm not quite sure if I'm posting in the right area or if it's been answered, but I really need some help on programming an 6550 to do LTR. I am a beginner and trying to trouble shot my way through this for work. First off, I am qualified to be joining the system, I do have the latest CPS and an approved Ribless cable. I installed the connect plus option board and registered the device.

I am moving my company over to a managed LTR system in our area and going away from our low band repeaters we have been using. I am not experienced at all in Motorola as I have been using Kenwoods for years. (Don't judge...just the way it's worked out for me).

As I am playing around on the CPS, I cannot figure out how in the world to add a trunked personality to this radio. Under the help menu, it reads so simply that I can right click on systems and add a trunked personality...not an option for me.

I'm just not sure where to go from here. Any help or direct is appreciated. I've scoured the internet for help on this specific topic, but no luck.

I really appreciate this forum and all the help I have seen around here...great community here!

Thanks in advance!
Not open for further replies.