1. B

    UNICATION G5, works great.

    UNICATION G5, VHF/700/800 Battery one year old. Holds charge fine. Has the hi-capacity wall wart charger and charger/data interface cable. Works great. Especially good for SIMULCAST systems. $500 shipped to continental 48.
  2. CopperWhopper67

    CHP Base Channel vs Mobile Channel (and Mobile Extenders)

    What is the functional difference between the base channel of a certain color and the mobile channel of that certain color? Also, what's the difference between the 700 MHz extender listed with each color channel, and the universal VHF mobile extender listed after the Division listings? Thanks...
  3. L

    NMO for 700/800

    I purchased a new antenna a few weeks ago. https://www.theantennafarm.com/catalog/laird-technologies-b7603-5918 I took it out of the packaging and mounted it on my car with no adjusting. It easily out-performed the other antenna I had which is similar to this, but has a spring at the base...
  4. W

    700 MHz System in OKC Area?

    I was wondering if someone could help me verify that there is a 700 MHz system in operation in the OKC area. I am picking up a lot of traffic between the 790 through 795 MHz range. At times I am picking up voice communications between 775 through 779 MHz range. A possible control channel is...
  5. C

    adding 700 mz channels- what radios

    can handle the transition when 700mz channels are added to an 800 site ? xts 1500? 2500? 5000 ? which radios have to be replaced ?