1. T

    BCD996T Quick Key Problem

    Some systems I cannot turn off using Quick Keys while scanning. The system numbers in question show up on the display after "SO:" but when I press the keypad number corresponding to the system number Quick Key nothing happens. The system continues to scan. This doesn't happen with all programmed...
  2. A

    996T/996XT/15XT front connector name

    Howdy, Does anyone know what the name (model/part#/anything) of the front programming port on the 996T/996XT/15XT is called? I would like to get a 90degree adaptor to help control the cable to the computer. 996P2 (top scanner) has a nice USB standard connector and was easy to find.
  3. duchee

    Uniden 996t squelch effect

    i was messing around with the settings one day and now all of a sudden it makes a squelch sound after transmit didnt do that before. with squelch turned up or down. is it a setting i enabled? or possiblity cuz i turned on WX?
  4. K

    Uniden 996T not displaying frequencys

    Hello everyone, I have a 996T scanner that I programmed with Bell Fleetnet to listen to OPP and Hamilton EMS. It is picking up signal fine and works great, but when it is receiving transmissions it is not displaying the frequencies or TGIDs like my other 996T does. I have tried to clone it and...
  5. A

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: PC Control

    is the 436 capable of virtual control as is my 396 and 996 with ARC software? Does sentinel have this capability, or is it strictly for working with the database? thanks, Al
  6. R

    Uniden 996T

    My scanner suddenly went dead, nothing being picked up whatsoever. I decided to take the covers off and found this lead from the center conductor on the antenna jack broken off. Fixing it won't be a problem, but I've noticed it is connected through an electrical component. I've attached a...
  7. J

    BCD996T no reception in 935-940mhz after upgrade to 3.02.00

    Last night, I upgraded my bcd996t firmware to 3.02.00 from the original 1.03.11. Since the upgrade, I noticed that it would not lock on the control channel of the 935mhz to 940mhz systems, even while using an outdoor antenna and even when setting the squelch to 0 while in scan mode. I set up...
  8. H

    996T --> 996XT Cloning question

    Hello, I have been requested to program a few 996XT scanners at work. They are mounted in vehicles and I don't want to have to pull them out individually to program them. I have access to a 996T that isn't mounted anywhere that I can program. Is it possible to cable clone a 996T and a 996XT...
  9. A

    Serial to USB

    396T, ARC 396 Pro, Win 7 64 bit, I've been trying for a few hours to set up a prolfic Serial to USB adapter. I've tried different ports, and baud rates to no avail. The Arc Pro software does not find the scanner. Does anyone have any hints, or success with this Cables to Go adapter, or do I...
  10. A

    ARC996-PRO saves all files as back ups.

    I've downloaded Butels latest and greatest, and have been able to import files to Main screen. I can view/edit the info in the file. When I "Save all open files", however, they are saved as back up files. ie. D_20 T20.53 etc. They do not save to the ARC996PRO folder. They can be found in...
  11. jwasson

    996T Tone-Out for Boone County Fire (Zionsville)

    I have had a 996T for some time, but I have never programmed the fire tone-out options. Does anyone have set-up parameters for Boone County Fire tones? I am surprised that the RR database doesn't have an area for these? Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided...
  12. M

    Weak receive on 996t - help!!!

    I just purchased a used 996t and it has very weak receive. Local freqs that usually show full signal strength only show 1 bar on the s-meter and the receive is scratchy. The attenuator is not turned on. I did a factory memory reset with no help. It will not receive anything with the telescopic...
  13. traumacop

    MARCS & 396/996 update. Your results

    Before I spend the time to flash my two scanners, has anyone upgraded their 396/996 to the V2 update and are there noticeable performance improvements on MARCS? I have never performed any of the flash upgrades and from reading some of reports from some of versions I am glad I didn't. I listen...