1. ai8o

    160 Mhz Splinter frequency usage

    I live near a major NSRR yard ( Linwood ). I hear all sorts of Narrow Band transmissions, but I have yet to hear any activity on the new splinter channels ( the AAR 100 series channels ). Everything seems to be just narrowbanded, but still on the same Center frequencies. Has anybody heard any...
  2. ke5fnb

    Radio Shack Pro 404 Railroad Listening

    Last December I bought a Radio Shack Pro 404, mostly for railroad scanning. Anyone else use it for this purpose? On the VHF High Band, it has frequency steps in 12.5 kHz, does that mean it will be compatible when the narrow band mandate goes into effect next year? It really helps me when...
  3. Z

    PRO-107 database suggestion (Railroads)

    How about adding the option for adding ALL of the AAR frequencies? In Alameda County, adding all of the railroads I could find in my available choices, There were 59 of the AAR frequencies NOT in my scan list, and I found many multiple entries for AAR 12, AAR 14, etc. Sure, most railroads list...