1. M

    ARTCC Updated in database

    All the frequencies for the Mexico Center ARTCC have been added to the database ARTCC - Servicios a la Navegacion en el Espacio Aereo Mexicano Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference
  2. T

    PHI Air Medical Mississippi

    Does anyone happen to know what system the new air medical service (PHI Air Medical) is using? I figured it is MSWIN being they already have those radios installed in their aircraft from their time being the helicopter provider for UMMC's AirCare and if it is MSWIN has anyone discovered with TG...
  3. PrivatelyJeff

    Leave scanner scanning air/mil-air bands

    Do you allow feeds to just run in open mode, scanning a frequency range, or do they have to be set to certain frequencies only? I was thinking of setting up a feed that just scans the standard air and mil-air bands and whatever it catches, it broadcasts. Another option would be to “channelize”...
  4. mcjones2013

    REACH helicopter base opens for medical flights at Mather Airport

    Santa Rosa-based REACH Air Medical Services is now operating out of a new base at Mather Airport, the company announced Tuesday. REACH in July said it would move to Mather by October pending negotiations with the airport. Setting up the base took longer than expected. The company's new $7...
  5. kk4dnl

    New to Air Band Monitoring. Looking for guidance!

    I have a few questions about monitoring the Air Band. These questions are kinda all over the place so I will just list them below. 1) Is their a glossary of AIR jargon so I can understand what some of these acronyms/ lingo mean ? 2) What frequencies should I scan to get the most enjoyment...
  6. mcjones2013

    CHP Air-71 and Air-37 in Sac today

    Does anyone know why CHP Air-71 and Air-37 were in/around Sacramento today/tonight? Head Air-71 in the mid-afternoon contacting Sac on the CHP-Black saying trouble contacting Chico on the CHP-Brown, staying on the Black, then saying they would be turning back and heading to Executive for fuel...
  7. FLANO

    Air Traffic Over AZ and Radio Callsigns - Meds/LE/Fire, etc

    Hello All, I own the Kinetic SBS-3 and have been "watching" the air traffic over Arizona for a couple of years now. I've been slowly connecting up specific aircraft tail numbers and their radio callsigns or IDs. I'm hoping that some of you may be able to help me ID some of the aircraft I see...
  8. D

    Medcenter air called to iredell county

    At 5:28 pm CMC medcenter air med 2 was dispatched to a scene call in Iredell county near Troutman. Assuming that this is a wreck. Will update soon.
  9. K

    las vegas , confirmed air frequencies

    Military Comms Monitoring. HF VHF UHF
  10. w2lie

    Jones Beach Airshow Live Feed Returns to

    For the 6th year running, you will be able to listen on-line to the Jones Beach Air Show on The audio is running on the "Special" feed. The live feed is online now - so that you may hear the all of the performers come into Republic Airport (Farmingdale, NY). There are also...
  11. w2lie

    Red Bull Air Race this weekend

    Does anyone know if the pilots or ground use any set frequencies for the Red Bull Air Race this weekend in Lower NYC NJ Area? I would assume they would use the common Aviation talk freqs (123.45 etc) but I am unsure.. I am asking because I would like to setup the traffic on my "Special" live...
  12. w2lie

    Live Feed: Long Island Air Show 2010

    At the risk of cross-posting, I'm copying this to the 'regional' forum for those who do not read the streaming audio threads. I will be streaming the Long Island Air Show on my website. This is the 5th year that I will be doing so. In addition, I will hopefully have audio being uploaded to...
  13. w2lie

    Live Feed: Long Island Air Show 2010

    For the 5th year running, you will be able to listen on line to the Air Show at Jones Beach at The audio will be running on my "Specialty" feed. The frequency list for 2010 Jones Beach Air Show has been posted (Thanks to the MT List). Please visit Long Island Live Scanner...
  14. M

    California Civil Air Patrol Narrowband Transition Repeater Frequencies SEARCH REQUEST

    California Civil Air Patrol Narrowband Transition Repeater Frequencies Scanner Enthusiasts Monitoring Search/Logging Request. California Civil Air Patrol CAP VHF Narrowband Transition - New Frequencies and Repeaters Transition of CAP VHF frequencies from Wideband to Narrowband is currently...
  15. w2lie

    Air France at JFK

    Hi All Does anyone know or have frequencies used by Air France at JFK Airport? I'm setting up a radio for someone and they asked for these freqs.. I don't see any listing in the RR DB Thanks