1. WX4AJM

    Dale, Houston Counties: Feed Availability Notice

    I'm pleased to announce that the months-long investment, setup, analysis, and testing of my whole scanning project seems to be coming to a reasonable point to say it's STABLE and can run without much of my intervention. The minor details (UIDs, etc) continue in the background, and I seek to...
  2. S

    Pro-163: Lost Traffic & Scanner Stuck On One Channel

    My scanner was working fine until a few weeks ago. I was listening to Forestdale Fire & Rescue in Jefferson County in Alabama. My scanner is stuck on one channel, and I'm getting no traffic.
  3. alabamanick

    NAS Assistance on AFRN

    Alrighty, allow me to explain this mess. I have an XTS5k model II capable of 9600 baud trunking. I program it step by step for NAS like I've done on plenty of other systems and to no avail it doesn't work. The display shows the talkgroup but no audio comes through, the speaker isn't an issue as...
  4. A

    Help with P25(un-encrypted) Police Scanning

    I am new to RTL-SDR radio scanning bought it two days ago. I Purchased the RTL-SDR bundle using the longer whip and I am having slight problems receiving dispatch transmission from local police. I have properly installed SDR# and and currently running DSDPlus with one dongle. I have been able to...
  5. A

    Montgomery Area Police/Fire

    I am using a BCD536HP with both the DMR and Provoice Upgrade. I live on the border of Montgomery/Elmore county (near the Montgomery Wind Creek Casino) currently using a Tram 1410 Discone Antenna. I have the MMCCD frequencies programmed using the Sentinel software. I can receive Montgomery...
  6. marksroberson

    Good Base 2 meter antenna

    I have recently moved to a house on the side of a hill, and am getting ready to put my antennas up on the side of the house, and was wondering what to get. and since I am on the side of a hill, I can access all of the repeaters north of me but not south, so preferably a directional antenna but...
  7. marksroberson

    Jefferson County Public Safety Radio System

    hello everyone! I am in the process of moving houses, ( having to change addresses on everything uhhhhhh...) anyways! I was scanning through all of the frequencies in my scanner and hit the 700 MHz range and heard Jefferson county public safety's 800mhz radio system 's talkgroups on 700 MHz...
  8. marksroberson

    Jefferson County Public Safety Question!

    Hello all, I have a question, My county is Jefferson County, AL and therefore, when you go to it on the database you get Jefferson County Public Safety trunking system P25 Common Air Interface Motorola type II smartzone. And whenever I go to the control channel, all I hear is a odd noise, like...
  9. BamaScan

    Video Of New Montgomery, Alabama Fire Truck

    Here is a video of the New Fire Truck that The City of Montgomery has. VIDEO: Montgomery, Alabama to get new E-One - Fire Truck Blog
  10. BamaScan

    Enterprise Alabama Lightning Stikes Radio Tower

    Lightning Strikes the Enterpise, Alabama Public Safety Radio Tower. They got the repair bill this month. Click on this link. Enterprise Tower Lightning Strike
  11. R

    NorthFlight EMS helicopter

    Has anyone discovered frequency information for NorthFlight - NorthStar EMS's new helicopter that is now in service and serving the Tuscaloosa/West Alabama area. I have heard them inbound and departing Birmingham talking to ATCC and UAB on the HEAR frequency (155.3400). Air Methods is...
  12. BamaScan

    Fire at Atmore Southland Motel. Need Help

    Fire at Atmore Southland Motel. Atmore requesting help. Walnut Hill, Florida , Nokomis, AL, Atmore, AL, Poarch Creek, AL Fire, and Flomaton Fire all in route. You can hear the audio feeds here. Escambia County Alabama Live Audio Feeds
  13. B

    Scottsboro Police & Fire

    Has anyone worked on the new MotoTRBO frequencies for Scottsboro Police and Fire? Here's what I have right now but I'm having issues with DSD and DMR Decode so I haven't confirmed if they are running encryption yet (I believe they are). Scottsboro Police: 155.100 155.010 156.030 155.610 154.980...
  14. W

    Corps Of Engineers Fx

    Does anybody know what frequency(s) are used by the Army Corps of Engineers, at the Demopolis Alabama Project Office or by any of the facilities in the Black Warrior & Tombigbee Riverway System ? If so, are they still Analog, or have they converted to digital already? I know that some Corps...
  15. M

    Newbie to trunking, HellPP!

    I just bought a pro-164 from Radio Shack and can get the regular channels OK. I have been trying for 3 days to get the ltr trunking to load properly for Alabaster, Alabama but something is missing. I have tried loading both manually ans using ARC300. When I monitor the channels I never get a...
  16. scaner123

    Shelby County Sheriff Codes

    Does anyone have the Shelby County Sheriff Office Signal and 10 Codes?
  17. dave911

    Birmingham PD on First 48 Feb. 5

    First 48 to Air Episode Highlighting the B.P.D. Homicide Unit The First 48 TV show will air its first of several episodes which highlights the Birmingham Police Department’s Homicide Unit. The episode entitled, “Rattlesnake”, will air on Thursday, February 5th at 8:00 p.m. on...
  18. S

    Montgomery County SO dispatch change

    The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office dispatch appears to have changed talk group IDs. I listened all day on DEC 289, AFS 02-041 and heard no traffic at all. Found them under DEC 0001, AFS 00-001. Tactical is still on DEC 290, AFS 02-042.