1. M

    Any thoughts about better reception in a high-RFI rental environment?

    I moved after owning a house many years to a rental with a high-RFI environment and I'm still, three years later, trying to come to terms with it. The RFI manifests as a persistent wockwockwockwock that drowns out most signals above 8mhz. tracing it with a portable, it's all around the building...
  2. J

    Distance Between TX and RX Antennas on House?

    Hi All, I'd like to install a dual band base antenna (likely no more than 50W at max output) for reporting in to my Skywarn Net and ragchewing. I'd also like to put up a discone or similar wideband RX antenna for monitoring Aircraft, Marine, RR, etc. I'm assuming I can't put them right...
  3. L

    Switched from HT-100 Radio to RadioShack pro668

    Hi Everyone, I'm brand new to this site, and brand new to scanning. I previously bought a Motorola HT1000 Police radio online. I paid the person I purchased it from to turn off the mic, and program several local agencies I wanted to listen to. I paid a retired Police communications tech to...
  4. H

    CB Radio Antenna?

    Hello, guys, I'm looking for a CB radio base antenna to set up on my roof or chimney. I would like it to be in $100-$200 price range if possible. I want one that is 18-26 feet tall and that can get the best range possible. I'm looking into beam antennas, so I need a good rotational system for it...
  5. J

    New oblong antennas on cars

    I've been noticing all the new State Police cars and some local units have these new, oblong antennas on the trunk. Is this a new data link or something, or is it part of a new system coming into use?
  6. scannerguy16

    Antennas for Uniden BC346XTC?

    I would like to know if there are any antennas that could help/allow me to pick up Logan International Airport (BOS) from about 64 miles away?? Also Worcester, MA Regional (ORH) from about 14 miles away? Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  7. scannerguy16

    Ordering SpectrumForce 700-800 MHz 2db Gain Portable Antenna worth it for BC346XTC?

    Would ordering this portable antenna *see trackback* be worth the upgrade from the standard antenna on the BC346XTC? To be more specific, I am looking to expand my trunking reception distance for MA State Police (Motorola Type II SmartZone, Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface) for the...
  8. S

    Proper continuity test on UHF connectors

    New HAM here. I have in my mobile setup, 3 lines of coax cables coming forward all terminated in PL-259 for use in a diplexer and a third for another radio. I use crimp PL-259 for all 3, but need to know what I should be looking for in continuity between the center pin and the shield. 2 out of...
  9. O

    deciding between two scanner antennas

    I am deciding between two antennas. Which one would be a better choice to receive railroad frequencies, the Diamond Original RH789 with telescoping feature or the Diamond (Original) RH77CA?
  10. RadioGuy1951

    CHP radios / Antenna

    Any corrolation between these antennas and the radios in use..?
  11. L

    Mobile scanning

    OK. I am new to Radio reference. I love monitoring my scanners and have 4 of them. I have read many comments/posts here about having 1 scanner with two antennas. Everyone seems to disagree on if this is a good thing (unless I just don't understand). What I would like to do is hook 2...
  12. ButlerAlerts

    CDM 1250 UHF SWAr Severe Issue

    CDM 1250 UHF SWR Severe Issue Ok, so I got my CDM 1250 in the mail yesterday, with the Astron power Supply and Hood with Desk Mic. I have been receiving EXTREMELY high SWR, to where it goes off my meter. I have tried it on my A99 at 38 Feet, my TRAM at about 10-12 Feet, and my new RadioShack...
  13. A

    Two Mobiles Same Vehicle

    I am looking for some guidance on installing two VHF CM300's in the same vehicle an ambulance to be exact. I don't have the budget right now for a dual head setup due to it being a last minute purchase of the ambulance to be used as backup ambulance. I do have two CM300's I am looking to...
  14. T

    Dual Antennas

    Is it possible to run two antennas at the same time on one receiver? I've been thinking of running an 800 MHz antenna along side the multiband the scanner (Uniden Home Patrol) came with.
  15. C

    Antenna length for 160mHz.

    I just received a new Radio Shack PRO-164 (RS # 20-164) scanner for Christmas for listening to 160 to 162 MHz railroad frequencies. I read somewhere, but can't find it again, the best length for an external antenna at those frequencies. Can someone please give me a link or reference for best...
  16. F

    OKWIN Reception Problem

    Hello All, I've been having a great deal of trouble hearing OKWIN in my car travelling around Oklahoma City. In certain areas, especially around I-240 and the Warr Acres area, I get all sorts of static. Is this simply simulcast interference? Is there a way around this? I use a phantom elite 800...
  17. chankel

    New tower installation photos 7/26/11

    Rooftop tower installation by Penn Tech International Penn Tech, International - Penn-Tech International They will do private work for individuals willing to pay for professional towerjacks. In a total of 13 hrs they installed this 4.5 ft Glen Martin rooftop tower with 3 side arms and a 10 ft...
  18. R

    New 800MHz Antenna

    I recently purchased a Radio Shack 800 MHz antenna. 800MHz Scanner Antenna - It is a replacement antenna for my PRO-106 Digital Scanner. I am experiencing a few problems. First, all digital trunked systems receive great and have excellent signal strength. The problem is that...
  19. W

    Your open WiFi can lead to legal trouble

    BUFFALO, N.Y. — Lying on his family room floor with assault weapons trained on him, shouts of "pedophile!" stinging like his fresh cuts and bruises, the homeowner didn't need long to figure out the reason for the early morning wake-up call from a swarm of federal agents. That new wireless...
  20. cj5

    Can You Identify this Antenna?

    The loop looking thing with the horizontal crossing bars in the upper left hand part of the photo (to the right of the guy in the orange suit).