1. H

    Get Broadcastify Calls Node stats from API or database? Future feature suggestion?

    As a SDR based feed provider for Broadcastify calls, I would find it very helpful to be able to fetch statistics from the Broadcastify database / API. Being able to know how often a node picks up a talkgroup and when can be very helpful to determine if other nodes nearby should also monitor that...
  2. K

    Script to automatically fetch daily feed archives and combine into single mp3

    If you are a feed owner and would like a simple tool to automate grabbing all the individual archive files for a specific date and combine them into a single mp3 file for personal use, I posted a small script to do so here: beaorn/broadcastify_archive You will need to be running Linux and have...
  3. K7MFC

    RadioReference API

    Hello, I apologize if this the wrong place to ask - but I'm wondering if there is any plan to build out a REST API for the RadioReference.com database?
  4. M

    Website developer API for live audio streaming

    Hi there, 1. How should one get accepted to get a domain key for web development integration with live audio streaming ? I've applied but I didn't receive any answer. I desperately want to use this API. 2. What is the price for API keys ? Thanks, Safi
  5. M

    Analyzing Flightradar24's API structure

    Interesting reading on how FR24 takes the ADS-B data and display's it on their website map. Analyzing Flightradar24's API structure. http://blog.cykey.ca/post/88174516880/analyzing-flightradar24s-internal-api-structure Airlines & Airports Then, the app then proceeds to get a list of the...
  6. S

    CSS and Layouts

    Hopefully this hasn't been asked and answered already. My search results didn't seem to bring anything up. I'm having trouble getting the tables to look correct on my web site. I'm using WordPress if that helps. My Web Site For some reason there is a lot of extra space in each row. I even had...
  7. C

    Unable to connect to remote server error

    I am trying to connect through proscan using my radiorefference premium account to reprogram my scanner. I entered my username and password and when I press connect I get this error... "Unable To Connect To The Remote Server At http://api.radiorefference.com/soap2" Am I doing something wrong or...
  8. cmilian

    API to develop an Mobile APP

    I am looking for an API so that I can develop a Windows Mobile 7 Radio Scanner application. Any idea where I can find this? other alternative would be an RSS page that I can refer too in my app.. Any leads would help, Thanks
  9. K

    News and Feed Alerts

    Is it possible with the API to remotely update the News and Feed Alerts? I listen a lot on my Blackberry, and it would be nice to be able to submit the News/Alert information via SMS, email, web app, etc. Anyone doing this? Is it possible? kd8jhc
  10. S


    Ok I'm not to shabby with computers but when it comes to code.............................................................................................................................. What is API and how do you use it????? Thanks Lucas