Script to automatically fetch daily feed archives and combine into single mp3

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Apr 10, 2019
If you are a feed owner and would like a simple tool to automate grabbing all the individual archive files for a specific date and combine them into a single mp3 file for personal use, I posted a small script to do so here: beaorn/broadcastify_archive

You will need to be running Linux and have Ruby and a few prerequesites installed as described in the project readme. Its just a single file, all the code is in broadcastify.rb. Even if you don't know Ruby, it should be pretty easy to read through if you want to see what exactly it is doing before you run it.

Here is an example command of what it looks like to run:
ruby broadcastify.rb -f 11111 -d 2020-02-09 -s "Feedname" -n "Extended Feedname" -u username -p password

You just need to pass in the feed ID, date in YYYY-MM-DD format, short and extended feed names for the MP3 tags and file name, and your username and pw and it will do the rest. It will kickout a file like archives/Feedname_20200209.mp3. Currently it is set to ignore any individual archive mp3 files that are less than 75 kB in size. I will probably add this as a command line argument so it can be adjusted. This helps to ignore mostly empty archive files from getting added to the combined mp3.

You could either run it manually on demand or add it to a cron job and have it scheduled to run daily for the previous day's date. My purpose for creating this was for low traffic feeds like Amateur Radio repeaters that have short periods of audio spread out throughout the day and I didn't want to have to listen to each time sliced mp3 archive file to hear anything. It may not be a good use case for using on high traffic feeds though, it will still work but will create fairly large/long mp3 files.

Ideas or suggestions are welcome.
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