1. K

    Using ARC433 software with PRO-528

    Hi Folks, I have a question regarding the programming of a PRO-528 using the ARC433 software. I have been using the PRO-528 scanner for a while now, but only have a few talkgroups which I manually entered. This has worked quite well for what I wish to listen to. However, I now want to add a...
  2. JamesPrine

    Assist with scanning Entergy on 433

    Hello all! I'm having some difficulties programming Entergy frequencies into my PRO-433. I've programmed all three frequencies listed for the Ponchatoula area into my PRO-433 via ARC433 programming software. I applied the appropriate settings for Motorola Type II trunking, and now is where...
  3. C

    ARC433 Key Code

    Does anyone have an unlock key for ARC433 they are willing to share?