Using ARC433 software with PRO-528

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Aug 23, 2014
Hi Folks,

I have a question regarding the programming of a PRO-528 using the ARC433 software.

I have been using the PRO-528 scanner for a while now, but only have a few talkgroups which I manually entered. This has worked quite well for what I wish to listen to.

However, I now want to add a few more talkgroups and some conventional frequencies for areas that I plan to travel next month.

Already purchased the ARC433 software which I thought would greatly help with the programming. But, I'm having some problems while using it. I'm using the Radio Shack USB/PC interface cable (20-047) and successfully read the data from the scanner. I then saved the data to a file so I could recover what I had initially programmed manually.

Next, I found various conventional frequencies and talkgroups that I now wanted to program using the RadioReference Webservice from the ARC433 software. Everything looked fine on the screen with various frequencies displayed in the the different banks and talkgroups I had chosen displayed on the Trunk Id's screen. I proceeded to send all that data to the scanner and that was successful also. The only problem was, the scanner would only receive the conventional frequencies; none of the talkgroups.

So, I cleared everything from memory (pressing the 2,9, Hold/Resume keys) and loaded the original file of what I had manually programmed and then saved using the ARC433 software. I sent that data back to the scanner, but it will not receive anything. I have verified that it's the same data as what I had originally entered myself (control channel and talkgroups), but it just doesn't work. I push the "Trunk" button on the scanner and it will display ID Srch for about 1 second and then just displays the control channel frequency.

Could anyone tell me what's going on and why it appears that the software will not properly work with talkgroups? Is there some setting or configuration I must do to the software for it to work with trunking systems? I have since cleared the memory again and re-entered manually all control channel and all the talkgroups which were originally in the scanner and now it's working fine again. Cannot understand why that same data will not work when using the ARC433 software.

Thanks so much!

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