1. N

    CHIRP or similar FreeOpenSourceSoftware Support? Arduino?

    Mornin'! I noticed a distinct lack of native support for anything Motorola within CHIRP, which is a pity for models whose programming tools are long since No Longer Available. Recently inherited a box of SP50 radios. Some work together, others need to be reprogrammed to sync with the others...
  2. yeg_scan

    Need Uniden Protocol Help with Arduino

    I am trying to complete a project with my BCT15X and an Arduino. I have everything done except cannot get a peep from the scanner. So I have a few questions, and am wondering if someone could help me on this one. First .. what pins are used on the BACK of the scanner for remote communication ...
  3. M

    Barcode Scanner to Arduino/Interfacing

    So lucky to join this community. Recently I've got an old barcode scanner that I've decided that I want to connect to an Arduino Uno(for the purposes of wireless transmission). After poking around I've found some information that states that basically it should act like an old...
  4. S

    Couch Potato IR Remote Control

    I saw another posting on this Uniden forum where a user created an infrared remote control for his BCD536HP scanner. I thought that was a cool idea so I built my own. I posted a video of the design on Youtube if you are interested: This little hacker project is...
  5. B

    MPT1327 in your city

    Hi, Question: What's average number of: - MPT1327 system "in your range" (city/village/country) - channels in MPT1327 system - users in MPT1327 system ? I'm asking because I'm working now at (pure) hardware MPT1327 aware scanner (arduino + FX429A + Motorola Maxtrac) and I don't know what are...
  6. R

    Arduino, has anyone done anything with it?

    I've ordered an Arduino board yesterday. I'm just curious to see what I can do with it, I haven't got any real plans yet. Has anyone here had any experience with the board? There should be some interesting ham related projects around I imagine.