BCD536HP: Couch Potato IR Remote Control

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Sep 12, 2014
I saw another posting on this Uniden forum where a user created an infrared remote control for his BCD536HP scanner. I thought that was a cool idea so I built my own. I posted a video of the design on Youtube if you are interested:


This little hacker project is actually pretty useful. My scanner is located on my coffee table well out of arm's reach. I normally have my TV/Cable remote control in hand while watching TV (with the scanner running in the background). Now I can hold on a channel, replay or do a channel avoid very easily.

What makes this design unique is how the design has the ability to "learn" the IR remote control codes rather than using hard-coded IR code values in the microcontroller firmward. You can use virtually any remote and change which buttons on your IR remote control which features on the scanner without having to rebuild the microcontroller firmware. The learned codes are stored in the microcontroller's non-volatile memory.

Not open for further replies.