audio issues

  1. D

    Kenwood TK-5210 V3

    I've programmed and used a number of Kenwood Radios, but never this model. I've configured all of the programming correctly to the best that I can tell. The transceiver is detecting radio traffic, and performing all functions correctly, except, You cannot hear the voice audio, anytime their is...
  2. JacksonM1007

    HT1000 Motorola HT1000 (Seller Programmed) Program issues

    I bought a near mint HT1000 off of ebay and its programmed by the seller, but some things are programmed incorrectly. i have some youtube videos up asking what the heck is wrong, but make sure to read the description of the videos to better understand what is wrong and what im asking. Edit...
  3. S

    XTS3000 XTS 3000 pulsing noise during Rx

    I use a Motorola XTS 3000 for work and after recently re-programming it there is a distinct pulsing noise that can be heard on all channels while receiving. I do not believe any radio-wide settings were changed but unfortunately I have been unable to test it on more than a few channels due to...
  4. w2lie

    Reception is muted mid transmission randomly

    I've noticed a problem with my SDS200. The radio will begin to receive fine, but at some random point in the transmission, the audio will just cut out. I still see the radio is receiving and I have -86 or so on the RSSI Scale. My other radios are all still receiving but the SDS200 Mutes. I...
  5. M

    NX-5700 -very newbie basic question

    Hello all, I am both a Ham & IT admin for a hospital and after almost 4 years of asking, the administration finally purchased a Emergency Radio system for communicating with area hospitals & local EMA during the 'big one'. I'm still acquainting myself with the software and doing some...
  6. jel250

    Looking for feedback on my feed!

    I've been on here for years but never really been a "Message Board" kinda guy... Yet, here I am, lol. I'm what you would call an audiophile and I'm sure anyone here who shares that trait with me has been on the verge of a mental breakdown many times dealing with scanner broadcasting... I've...
  7. D

    HP-1: Audio randomly stops

    I have a HP-1 which has a problem with it's audio. The audio will randomly stop after 10-15 minute of use. 1) When checked the volume setting still displays full volume. 2) The display continue to scan and indicate traffic then restart. 3) All other visible indications are the unit is...
  8. I

    Audio Recording Problems / Clipping

    Hello All, Having some recording issues with my BCD536HP. I use it to record scanner audio to the SD card for later review. When listening to it live, the audio is fine, but when I go back to the recordings, the first second or two are clipped off of most files. Here are some examples...
  9. pizzapxp

    BCD396XT/BCD996XT: Audio dropout

    While listening to the audio, about every second it dropout or goes silent for about 1/2 second then continues. Any help would be great. N3VYV
  10. L

    BCT15X, Audio Cut-out on Scan. Possible Cause

    I was listening intently on my Bearcat BCT15x yesterday and Noticed the audio would cut out, and it seem to be the same interval every time. Went googling around and noticed i wasn't the only one having this problem. Upon reading further i noticed a connection. The Priority Scan function seem to...
  11. AK4FD

    Pro-164 skipping transmissions??

    I am hoping that somebody can help me with this issue I am having... I'm trunking a Motorola Type 2 SmartZone system and for some reason in the middle of transmissions the audio cuts out for a second or 2 and comes back on, causing me to miss an entire address or half a Driver License #, just...
  12. AK4FD

    Audio cutting out on my feed??

    I'm wondering if someone can help me because I can't figure this problem out for the life of me. For some reason the audio cuts in & out, and if you listen to me feed you can hear it too, but I can see it on my scanner that the channel goes off and then comes back on like it loses reception or...
  13. C

    Clicks and Pops

    I stream the Allegheny County West Fire feed under Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and on my feed is a constant clicking and popping that is really annoying. I've also heard this on some other feeds. Does anybody know what could be causing this and how to fix it? Thanks, Chad
  14. B

    GM300 audio issues

    I have just installed a GM300 in my 2004 Chevy pickup. When the vehicle is off and the radio is powered up the rx audio is fine. But, when the vehicle is started and running, the rx audio becomes distorted and I am unable to understand what is recieved. Anyone know what the problem could be...