1. J

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: Uniden BCD463HP Austin

    Hello, I am new to police scanning and I bought a Uniden BCD463HP. I think the issues I am running into involve simulcast but I’m not sure. I can see so many channels.. but the scan never lands on them. Whenever it does land on a channel it’s never for long and has a broken transmission. Most...
  2. W

    Austin-Travis County EMS Demand Units

    Morning All, I am visiting Austin this weekend and I was hoping to find out where all of the demand units are stationed. I was able to find locations for Demand 1 through 7, but have seen up to Demand 13 on there social media page. Any info would be appreciated!
  3. W

    Dell Seton

    Anyone in Austin notice Dell Seton move channels? i haven't heard any trips to it in a week or so.
  4. rvacs

    Round Rock - Austin GATTRS / Tower Point Suggestion / Simulcast

    Hello All, Ordered a new scanner HP-2 for my house in Round Rock. I already know Williamson Co. is mostly Encrypted (BOO !!) But will listen to Austin PD. Question is when I get my unit I assume I use the Round Rock Simulcast Frequencies. Any other suggestions to cut down on the Simulcast...
  5. rvacs

    Austin TX - GATRRS - Simulcast

    So setting up a PRO-651 and PRO-652 Digital Scanners up with GATRRS through either ARC500 or PSREdit500 not sure which. But my real question is : Simulcast / Towers for this system. I live in Williamson County (Round Rock) - want to choose obviously the closest towers for best reception. When...
  6. N

    Update on Austin/Mower County Digital transition

    Radio update may be delayed | Austin Daily Herald Basically we have a plan in place to update radio equipment on the 14th Street Northwest water tower, but the city doesn't want the tower left unpainted if equipment and new paint can’t be completed before winter for fear of rusting. That could...
  7. J

    Petition for Cedar Park Fire

    Hey guys! New to the forums but glad to be here. As a resident of Cedar Park, it bums me out big time that everything is encrypted :( Living just down the street from a fire station and always seeing them go by wondering what's up and where they're going when a mile down the road Austinites...
  8. F

    Question about old Austin FD Tones

    Does anyone know what the format used for the old tone alerting system used by Austin FD before they switched to Locution? I know it was activated by a Zetron console, and it sounded like two short "blips", repeated for each station, with a long alert tone at the end. Then, after the...
  9. jmayson

    TxWARN system in Austin

    I have a GRE PSR-800 which programs itself off Under Travis County it gives the option to load the TxWARN system. So I did and it's great. I hear all sorts of stuff on it. The only problem is I don't know what I'm listening to. I don't see any sites on RR anywhere near...
  10. R

    Austin Police and Travis County Scanner

    I am having a really hard time hearing anything from the Austin Police scanner. Has anyone else been having this issue? Some days it will work fine, then others there is absolute silence. Just wondering if it's user error or the frequency they are on. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  11. kvieira

    Question about "The Condor" antenna

    Hello, I recently got an Austin Condor Antenna from an ebay purchase with my RadioShack pro-164. The Antenna was listed as new, but I've noticed something a little strange with it. Seems that when the Antenna is connected to my scanner and the scanner is standing up on it's own the signal is...
  12. U

    Travis Cnty fire Dispatch - distorted

    I'm trying to monitor Fire dispatch in Austin/Travis county. I'm using a BCD996T, programmed for P25, defalt lvl, NFM mod. I'm able to hear, but the computer voice comes across very distorted. any ideas on how the clear this up? thanks for the help.
  13. conrad314

    Austin Ferret/Spectra photos

    I have googled high and low and can not find any real life pictures of the Austin Ferret or Spectra antennas. Does anyone have a photo of either of these antennas? I would love a close up of the units and a photo of your mounted antenna. And if you have any thoughts or insights on your Austin...