bad reception

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    HP-2: Should I return? Is it broken?

    I recently purchased a used uniden homepatrol-2 scanner off of ebay for $289.99. It was described as being in very good condition. The scanner looked fine, but the reception is horrible. The scanner will scan, but cuts out after a few seconds of radio action. I only live 20 minutes away from...
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    help with ground loop on antena

    i have a 48 inch half wave 27mhz CB antenna mounted outdoors with the lead in made with rg58 coax with an approx length of 54 feet it has terrible reception on all bands except for the Motorola trunking control frequencies 475.3750-947.3500mhz im using it with a pro 164 tri trunking scanner...
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    Pro 70 will not recieve anything

    I bought a Pro 70 handheld scanner on ebay and everything seems to work fine. It performs all it's functions like it is supposed to do but I cannot pick up anything on the air. I reinitialized it and put in my local freqs and it scans them fine. If I turn Squelch off I get your standard radio...